Titanic Power Rock Voice SAVANNAH POPE Glows On Spectacular Single ‘HE SEES ME’…

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…

3 May 2020

Hard rock phenomenon SAVANNAH POPE out of Los Angeles made an immense impression with her stunning powerhouse debut album Atlantis. Her entire catalog
is peppered with autobiographical narratives and twisted fantasies so bizarre that it’s probably wise to have a lyric sheet handy.

New single HE SEES ME from her forthcoming EP called You’re Such a Human Being
is about human connection, laid bare. An overwhelming tour de force with Pope‘s titanic
vox as the glowing heroine up front. This awe-inspiring sonic eruption with volcanic potency goes forth and back, from power-pop dynamism to metallic exorcism. A truly spectacular roller coaster with a perplexing effect. When her vocal range climbs to an orgasmic, sky-high level Ian Gillan‘s mind-boggling goosebumps performance on Deep Purple‘s classic Child In Time comes to mind. Oh yes, Pope has the same breathtaking impact. Don’t miss this otherworldly, jawdropping and monumental experience.

The accompanying amazingly eye-catching video clip is
as striking as the song itself. A visual masterpiece.

Listen/watch here…


(photo on top: artwork for single via artist)