Atlanta Hit Team NAW Goes Mental On New Hell-Raising Album ‘HEAD PAIN’

7 April 2021

Band: NAW
Who: Hit team out of Atlanta
shooting with loud bullets

Released: 29 March 2021

Turn Up The Volume: Alert your neighbors before pressing play, fasten your seatbelt
and oil your vocal cords ’cause here come 10 hell-raising haymakers. A burst-out mix of rip-roaring-riff-rippers (Weed Them And Reap / Parasites), hardcore hammer blows (Brain Bleed / Cope Atypical), big Black Sabbath drones (End Of It All / If You Can’t Respect My Big Goddamn Dick, We’re Gonna Have a Fucking Problem (No, I’m not kidding you, that’s a song title) and barbed wire punk demons (Safe Place / Former Feminist).

And did I already mention that the frontwoman’s rushing rants are totally MENTAL?
She bellows as if she’s the devil’s girlfriend. At times I fear that she will scream herself
into a coma. Ace-tastic. Damn bloody damn right.

Clip for one of the highlights…

Listen up and have the best
head pain you ever had…

NAW: Facebook

Four Atlanta Hawk hell-raisers

(photo via FB-page Naw)