British Psych Squad THE MIGHTY ORCHID KING Nails It Again With Brand New Single ‘HEAD’…

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…

23 April 2020

Turn Up The Volume featured this nature caring psych team several times before and
with their brand new single HEAD – out today – they nail it again, big time. The track comes with the message “banned in most galaxies, this is THE jam the Mandalorian did
not want you to hear.”

HEAD is a steamy crackerjack with so much happening in four staggering minutes.
The swirling show starts with an excitatory bass/drum/guitar riff that keeps emerging during the song’s high-powered course like a pumping heartbeat. From there on it’s full steam ahead. The decibels go up, the vocals get peppery and the swelling euphony gets more intense with guest appearances of a spicy saxophone sound and symphonic synths. But the mind-bending cherry on the sonic space cake is a sickly sticky chorus that blows you of your socks. Over and out? Definitely not! The buzzing second part of this multi-layered escapade is dominated by guitar extravaganza, that addictive, ongoing riff and explosive blowup. Bang, bang! Mission accomplished.

After several spins, I’m quite sure that this ecstatic tour de force is
the best, far-out performance this squad delivered so far. Fact!

Here’s why…

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