Coming Soon… New Album ‘DISCO4 :: PART II’ By Noise Bulldozer ‘HEALTH’ And Famous Friends

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18 February 2022

Who: Industrial metal junks from Los Angeles
Active: Since 2005 / 6 (new one included)

New album: DISCO4:: PART II
Out: 8 April 2022 – order info here

Health invited several famous frenzied friends in the studio to turn up the volume:
Nine Inch Nails, Poppy, Lamb of God, The Body, Backxwash, Perturbator, and more.

Lead single: COLD BLOOD feat. Lamb Of God


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Five New MUST-HEAR Longplayers Selected By TURN UP THE VOLUME!…

New longplayers that will have an impact on your ears and your speakers…

1/ ‘Disco For Losers’ by CHARLION (Stockholm, Sweden)
This Swedisch combo offers you a swirling glam mix of Chic disco, Duran Duran‘s pop romanticism and The Knife‘s deep cuts beats. With a sarcastic wink here and there. An electrical synths paradise with massive tunes! I repeat! Massive tunes! Party time, folks!

Stream here

Available via iTunes

2/ ‘Feelin’ Freaky’ by FALCON JANE (Orangeville, Ontario, Canada)
Contemplative rainbow pop music with singer/songwriter Sarah May‘s alluring voice at
the very heart of its melancholic splendor. An album of sensitive songs about a variety of wholehearted emotions, but overall attractively intimate and tender. A colorful palette of touching balladry, poetic orchestrations and moony arrangements. A magnetic longplayer you’ll love to have as a comforting companion to soundtrack your twilight moments. Top!

Stream/purchase here

Also available via iTunes

3/ ‘Health’ by DEUX TROIS (Kingston, Ontario, Canada)
Deux Trois is an adventurous project born out of different Ontario bands. Their 8-track debut EP is quite amazing. The story of ‘Health’ is like: “if one of your co-workers was a defined manic pixie dream girl to all of your customers, but you knew she was actually a
weirdo bitch twenty-four hours a day.”
Expect an inflammable cocktail of gloomy beats, threatening booms, tribal gloominess, darksome Siouxsie magic and gripping vocals.

Stream/purchase here

Also available via iTunes

4/ ‘A Complete History of Witchcraft’ by THE VEGA BODEGAS (Cardiff, Wales, UK)
This firework album is about aliens, love, monkeys, earthquakes, food, the size of home country Wales and other wacko stories. A mospith record obviously inspired by blustery American motherrockers such as the legendary New York Dolls and massive riff gangs Green Day and Guns N’ Roses. Loud shit to test your speakers’ flexibility with! Hallelujah!
Stream/purchase here

5/ ‘Ballads Of A Psychedelic Soul’ by THE DURTY WURKS (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Seems like the spiritual grandchildren of America‘s 60s vocal harmonies legends The Byrds live in Scotland. The Durty Wurks’ debut album is definitely inspired by the most innovative decade in musical history. Their affecting collection of psychedelic jingle jangle pop songs sounds both familiar and refreshing, sounds both like yesterday and today. Sticky score!

Stream/purchase here…

Also available via iTunes