Harmonious London Trio THE WAY AFTER Debut With Their Accoustic Reverie ‘HEAR THE BIRD SING’

New striking strokes

11 April 2023

Who: A trio from London, formed in 2020, but with
a shared misspent youth in indie-rock bands.

Debut single: HEAR THE BIRD SING
It’s the first track from their upcoming debut album.

TUTV: Fitting tune for sunlit Spring days while hoping for a warm summer.
It’s an acoustic reverie floating sky-high with its mellow, infectious euphony
and breezy harmonies bringing the 4-vocalists-supergroup Crosby, Stills, Nash
and Young to mind. Romantic strings make this gentle debut ditty complete.


Frost covers the ground
Silver trees are swaying in the breeze
I’m freezing
I’ve lost more than I’ve found
Still I think I understand when you reach for my hand
To keep from falling

Further on we go
From the road the distant traffic far receding
The birdsong louder grows
Silent otherwise
I see your eyes see everything
I see you smile to hear the bird sing in the snow
And I know how you must feel
For I have heard you singing in the morning

Little bird we sing
Soon the spring will come and bring the sun to follow
It changes everything
The snow it melts away
I see you changing everyday
Until the day I leave you standing on your own
And it’s more than I can stand
But then you take my hand to stop me falling.

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