Midlands’ Dreamers VIOLET Take You On A Trip With ‘HEAVEN ADORES YOU’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

24 October 2018



Who: “This five-piece from the Middle of England comes drenched in big sounds with an indie spark, combining influences that draw from 90s Grunge to Britpop.”

Pick: HEAVEN ADORES YOU – newest single

Score:  Here’s a spacey trip for romantic minds and idyllic daydreamers.  A sonic massage that’ll get you in the right mood to leave reality for what it is for a while and set your spirit free. Glimmering guitars, chill out vocals and an overall relaxing pop melodiousness you can lose yourself in easily and carelessly, feeling as if life moves in slo-mo for a change.

Close your eyes and drift away right here…

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