Do You Like It Me(n)tal? Discover Classic Hell Rock Debut By OFFICER X

Standout longplayers

8 October 2022

The impressive album artwork

Who: A hard hittin’ brigade from Boston

Debut album: HELL IS COMING

“The release of Hell Is Coming is a pivotal moment for the band, one unbothered
by current musical trends and indifferent to what others think a convergence of heavy music should sound like in 2022. Inspired by the new wave of traditional heavy metal that combines the majesty of Maiden, the dreamworld of Dio, and the power of Priest, Officer X formed a few short years back.”

(Photo credit: Lauren Magnini)

Rodrigo van Stoli (guitarist): “There’s a side of the band that people haven’t heard yet, and it will be great to get that feedback. One of the best things about it is that it sets us up to finalize a new batch of tunes. We have progressed as musicians and songwriters in the last few years, and I am excited about where we are going.”

Peet Golan (singer): “I feel like we have been holding on to this for so long. It’s been our little secret from Covid times. We were waiting for things to get back to somewhat normal so we can go out and support the record. So it’s time.”

Turn Up The Volume: Hard 70s/80s rock is all over this dark debut dozer. Actually, the 70s/80s metallic bombast rock has never been away. Indestructible titans like Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Scorpions, Aerosmith and other noise maniacs are still entertaining millions of fans. Officer X have all their classic albums and let inspire them for their own work. Huge wall-of-guitar-insane sounds, Herculean howls, and fanatic drum/bass fervency is what you get here with a series of steaming sledgehammers. Like it me(n)tal? This merciless Boston hit team invites you to come to their hell for eight fireballs.

Video clip for single Moon Man.

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