New striking strokes

With 24/7 productive rockers like Californian centipede TY SEGALL you wonder
where they were the moment they come up with new music. Not because they
were away for years, on the contrary, because they didn’t show up for about
a couple of months.

That’s what music junks are about, they’re always around
somewhere, they’re always busy with writing/creating.

Anyways, Segall just dropped a new track. I reckon that it is a song
written in his sleep and when woke up he started singing Hello, Hi.

And a good day to you too, Ty…

TY SEGALL: Facebook

‘Hello, I Love You’ By THE DOORS Topped US Singles Chart 51 Years Ago…

Knockouts from the past

2 August 2019

Today 51 years ago, on 2 August 1968 eternal rock icons THE DOORS landed on the top spot of the US Singles Chart with ‘HELLO, I LOVE YOU‘. It sold over a million copies. It also hit number one in Canada and peaked at #15 in the UK.

At the time of the single’s release, stereo 45 rpm records were almost unknown. ‘Hello, I Love You’ was promoted as the first rock 45 rpm record in stereo. Along with The Rascals‘ hit ‘A Beautiful Morning‘ the song was credited for initiating the industry changeover to stereo recordings as the norm for 45 rpm singles.

Hello, here we go…

THE DOORS: Facebook