‘Ticket To Ride’ By THE BEATLES – Number One In The UK 55 Years Ago…

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22 May 2020

Band: The Beatles – the invisible masters of
big tunes and catchy melodies
Single: Ticket To Ride
Written by John Lennon
B-sideYes It Is
Released: 9 April 1965 in the UK 
and 19 April in the US
Score: No 1 in the UK on 22 May 1965
55 (!) years ago today
Album:  Help! – the Fab Four’s fifth studio LP

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THE BEATLES Scored Number One Hit In The US With ‘HELP!’ – 54 Years Ago Today …

Knockouts from the past

11 September 2019

Band: The Beatles 
Song: Help!
Note 1: It was the title track of the soundtrack of the 1965 ‘Help!’ movie
Note 2: The song was a cry for help from John Lennon. After an almost parentless youth, his father left when he was  a kid, at 17 his mother died in a car accident, he drowned in his early twenties in an uncontrollable whirlpool of celebrity with all its irresistible (but not always healthy) temptations. He only  could  scream ‘Help!’ at one point, not that anybody cared as The Beatles, by then, were a giant money machine
Success: The single topped the US Singles chart on 11 September 1965, 54 years ago,
and stayed there for 9 weeks

Here’s Lennon famous cry for help…