Here Comes Your Woman – The Wonderful TANYA DONELLY Covers PIXIES

These past lockdown weeks many musicians comforted us. So did TANYA DONELLY (Belly, The Breeders, and Throwing Muses) who shared several covers, with all proceeds from the tracks going to different charities. She interpreted songs by Marianne Faithfull, Labi Siffre, and Bob Marley, so far.

And this week she brings another one. This time one of PIXIES most famous tracks
‘HERE COMES YOUR MAN‘. Her version is as catchy as the original, but poppier with Donelly’s voice shining as usual. Proceeds from this cover will go to the staff of Great Scott, the great Boston venue that announced that it was closing last week.

Here comes your woman…

Check also the second track that came with the Pixies track.
It’s a cover of Belly‘s beauty ‘Stay‘ (from the band’s debut LP ‘Star‘) by songstress
Charley Stone. Donelly said about it: “I heard her version this past week, and I love it
so much that I had to include it here. Listening to her sing and play it, I feel like *she*
wrote this song, and that’s a pretty weird and wonderful feeling.”

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Check this album too…

HISTORY – 17 April 1989 – PIXIES Release Second LP ‘DOOLITTLE’ 30 Years Ago

17 April 2019

PIXIES, the band who changed noise rock in a way that it actually became part of the left side of the mainstream, released their second and one of their best LPs DOOLITTLE today 30 years ago, on 17 April 1989. Six years later (1995) the record certified gold in America (see, I just told you, left-side of the mainstream) thanks partly, IMO, to its accessible singles.

Rolling Stone wrote: “Another frightening, compelling whirlwind. Francis is at all times in command of the album, quietly stringing us along before turning on us and screaming for attention. It’s about time everyone started taking notice.

Three of Turn Up The Volume‘s favorite tracks…



(Live version – all looking so young!)

Album in full…

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