SEADOG Create Another Little Head-In-The-Clouds World With Their New Single ‘HERE NOR THERE’

New striking strokes

4 April 2022

Who: The project of Brighton-based
musicians Mark Benton and Tom Chadd.


The duo’s second full length arrives later in the year. Recordings started deep
in the 2020 lockdown and came to life in the studio under the production wizardry
of Jack Wolter who also drums and plays additional guitars on the record. His sister
Lily Wolter (both operate on their own under the moniker of Penelope Isles) also
features on it.

New single: HERE NOR THERE

Seadog create a little head-in-the-clouds world, once again. One you
can hide in, and doze for a couple of minutes, to forget about the
restless times we live in. Titillating melodiousness, sparkling synth-pop
catchiness and feather-light vocals are the fitting ingredients that evoke
that pleasurable dream-away feel.

Press play and close your eyes…

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