Oklahoma’s Psych Junks WICKED SHIMMIES Get High On ‘HI-FI DOG FOOD’…

28 November 2019

Psych junks WICKED SHIMMIES out of Chickasha, Oklahoma are back with a fresh wacko single. I know these guys love to mess with your brain cells and probably with their own too. But their new single, called ‘HI-FI DOG FOOD’, starts with a pretty chill out jam driven by a playful, groovy drums/bass beat with spacey guitars floating all over it. Both mind-pleasing and stimulating… so far.

But around the 2.20-minute mark it’s ‘what the hell is going on’ time. Everything turns fuzzy, spooky and eerie for a while until someone, out of the blue, starts to talk excitingly, as high as a dog on a can of mushrooms, about seeing UFOs and extraterrestrials, not for long as the track fades out suddenly. I think the CIA showed up and cut off the power. Over and out, end of story, back to boring Earth.

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