Here’s Canadian Outfit THE BROKEN ISLANDS With New Mesmerizing Single ‘HIGH LIFE’…

New sonic impulses

8 October 2019


Who: A Vancouver, Canada based sextet who mix elements of ambient pop, shoegaze, post-rock, post-punk, trip-hop and dark wave to create their own distinct sound. They released their debut LP ‘Wars’ two years ago.

Track: HIGH LIFE – new single from their second album ‘Masquerade‘ out in 2020 – bassist Stephen Cameron says “Highlife is about finally finding that special someone, and being so incredibly scared of losing them at the same time. You’re so used to being lonely, then magic strikes, you find the one, and the thought of losing them makes you wonder if falling in love
was even worth it in the first place. Well it is worth it, and this is a love song.”

Score: ‘High Life‘ is a heart-piercing humdinger that grabs your ears’ attention with its sensitive sonorousness and its highly appealing vocality. This is a human reverie about life’s pivotal emotion: love, but also the fear of losing it. Both profound sensibilities are embedded fittingly in a perfervid and dynamics changing ballad that will take your breath away. Absorbing performance! Capture the vulnerable mood here…