THE ROLLING STONES Released Their Top Album ‘LET IT BLEED’ 50 Years Ago…

4 December 2016

THE ROLLING STONES released ‘LET IT BLEED’ one of their best albums on 5 December 1969, 50 years ago. They rocked harder than before and lyrically they explored sexual
and demonic territories where they had never been before. Rolling Stone wrote, “Whether
it was spiritual, menstrual or visceral, the Stones made sure you went home covered in blood.”
. The record topped the UK Chart and peaked at #3 in the US.

Mick Taylor had joined the band as Brian Jones was fired in the midst of the recording sessions. He only played on two tracks and passed away 5 months before the LP came
out. Eventually, it was Keith Richards who did almost all the guitar parts.

Key Tracks: Gimme Shelter / Love In Vain / Midnight Rambler / Country Honk (actually another title for their hit single ‘Honky Tonk Woman’ / ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’

Album in full…



1 December 2019

THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE released their second longplayer ‘AXIS: BOLD AS LOVE’ on 1 December 1967, 52 years ago today. It came out only 7 months after the critically praised and triumphant debut LP Are You Experienced’ but it didn’t hurt the record’s sales. It peaked at #5 in the UK and #3 in the US where it was issued later.

Rolling Stone wrote at the time: “Jimi Hendrix sounds like a junk heap, very heavy and metallic loud. Rock’s first burlesque dancer, superman in drag, his music is schizophrenic. Axis: Bold as Love is the refinement of white noise into psychedelia, and (like Cream) it is not a timid happening; in the vortex of this apocalyptic transcendence stands Hendrix, beating off on his guitar and defiantly proclaiming “if the mountains fell in the sea, let it be, it ain’t me.” Such cocky pop philosophy shall not go unrewarded.”

Album in full here…

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BECK Released His Seventh Album ‘MIDNITE VULTURES’ 20 Years Ago…

23 November 2019

Musical centipede BECK released his 7th album MIDNITE VULTURES on 23 November 1999, 20 years ago today. A varied groove and funk party record with the open-minded artist being inspired by artists such as Kraftwerk, Grandmaster Flash, Prince and the Velvet Undergound. A collection of exotic dance dynamics enough to shake your booty to for a while. The LP hit #34 in the US and peaked at #16 in the UK.

The three singles




Album in full…

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PUBLIC IMAGE LTD Released Their Outlandish Masterpiece ‘METAL BOX’ 40 Years Ago…

22 November 2019

40 years ago, on 23 November 1979, PUBLIC IMAGE LTD better known as PiL released their second album titled ‘METAL BOX‘. One of the most inventive, bold & middle-finger-to-the-musicbiz album of the so-called post punk era. A masterpiece in many ways, even
in its way of packaging, as it came out as 3 x 12″ 45rpm records in a tin film canister!

The core’s band consisting of former Sex Pistol John Lydon, ace guitarist Keith Levene and equally ace bassist Jah Wobble didn’t give a flying fuck about what sort of music was hip or not, popular or not at the time. On the contrary, it was like they tried really hard to make a record that was unsalable. Respect! No Sex Pistols Mark II (although later Lydon turned into Rotten again in order to CASH IN with the original Pistols. Well, aren’t they all the same?). Levene‘s metallic and wayward guitar sound was essential to Pil‘s far out and radical sonority, but it was Wobble‘s mighty wall-of-dub-bass resonance and Lydon‘s mostly wailing vocals and his dark stories/lyrics that made this whole unorthodox and outlandish noise enterprise freakishly perfect.

The album’s single: ‘Memories‘…

AllMusic wrote: “PiL managed to avoid boundaries for the first four years of their existence, and Metal Box is undoubtedly the apex. It’s a hallmark of uncompromising, challenging post-punk, hardly sounding like anything of the past, present, or future… ‘Metal Box’ might not be recognized as a groundbreaking record with the same reverence as ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’, and you certainly can’t trace numerous waves of bands who wouldn’t have existed without it
like the Sex Pistols record. But like a virus, its tones have sent miasmic reverberations through
a much broader scope of artists and genres…”
Full review here. Score: 5/5

The Box in full..

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THE RAINCOATS Released Their Self-Titled Debut LP 40 Years Ago…

Classics from the past

20 November 2019

40 years ago today, on 21 November 1979, all-female post-punk band THE RAINCOATS released their self-titled debut LP. The London band formed in 1977, while all members were still students, after seeing the awesome The Slits. Vocalist/bassist Gina Birch said
“It was as if suddenly I was given permission. It never occurred to me that I could be in a band. Girls didn’t do that. But when I saw the Slits doing it, I thought, ‘This is me. This is mine.’

Their DIY debut LP was a gloriously crackling, raw, plain-spoken, in your face and snappy record. If PJ Harvey was around at the time she would have definitely been a Raincoat.

Album in full here…

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Riot Grrrl Started With THE SUPREMES Topping The UK Singles Chart With ‘BABY LOVE’ 55 Years Ago…

Knockouts from the past

19 November 2019

Don’t believe the fairy tale that Riot Grrrl started in the early 90s with bands such as
Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, Huggy Bear and many more like-minded feminist groups. Oh no, it was actually wonderful Motown trio THE SUPREMES, led by Diana Ross, that was the very first all-female band to score a Number One hit. They did so in the UK with their honey-sweet single ‘BABY LOVE’ on 19 November 1964, yes, 55 years ago today. Hallelujah!

Here we go…




Third LED ZEPPELIN Album Number One In The UK And THE US 49 Years Ago Today

LED ZEPPELIN III was one of the most anticipated longplayers of 1970. On top of it came the fact that the release date was delayed by 2 months because of technical problems with the design and production of the front, inner and back sleeves. Despite this issue problem, the advance orders in the US alone were close to the million mark. The LP topped the UK as well as the US albums chart on the same day, 18 November 1970, 49 years ago today. By 1999 the blockbuster record went 6 times platinum. The remastered version came out in 2014.

AllMusic wrote: “Led Zeppelin III provided the band with the necessary room to grow musically. While there are still a handful of metallic rockers, III is built on a folky, acoustic foundation that gives the music extra depth. And even the rockers aren’t as straightforward
as before…”
. Full review here. Score: 5/5.

Faithful to the band’s day one principle, no single was released in their home country to promote the LP. But, as it did happen before, also this time a single came out in several countries outside the UK, including the United States (peaked at #16). It was the album’s opener, the giant riff monster ‘IMMIGRANT SONG’, that got a 7″ vinyl treatment. Here’s that wall-breaking knockout…

Album in full here…


JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE Topped The US Charts With Double Longplayer ‘ELECTRIC LADYLAND’ 51 Years Ago…

ELECTRIC LADYLAND was the third and also final studio album by the JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE. It was released by Reprise Records in North America and Track Records in
the UK. On 16 November 1968, 51 years ago it topped the Albums Chart in the US
while it peaked at #6 in the UK. The record contained a cover of Bob Dylan‘s All Along
The Watchtower
which became Hendrix‘s highest-selling single and the astonishing 15 minutes long Voodoo Chile.

Here’s the story of the artwork controversy of the album’s cover(s)…

The US front cover as released by Reprise Records. A blurred
photo of Hendrix while performing at Saville Theatre in London.

The controversial UK cover with nineteen nude women as released by Track Records. Several record dealers refused to sell the double LP while others sold it with the gatefold cover turned inside out, or in a brown wrapper.

The cover Jimi Hendrix had chosen, but was ignored by the record companies.
A photo taken by Linda Eastman, Paul McCartney‘s first, late woman.

The back sleeve

THE JAM Released Their Fourth Album ‘SETTING SONS’ 40 Years Ago…

Classics from the past

15 November 2019

THE JAM released SETTINGS SONS, the fourth LP since their 1977 debut In The City on
16 November 1979, 40 years ago. Definitely one of their best, critically and commercially. It peaked at #4 on the Albums Chart while The Eton Rifles, the sole single of the record was their first Top Ten Hit, reaching number 3.

AllMusic wrote about the album: “The Jam’s ‘Setting Sons’ was originally planned as a
concept album about three childhood friends who, upon meeting after some time apart, discover the different directions in which they’ve grown apart. Only about half of the songs ended up following the concept due to a rushed recording schedule, but where they do, Paul Weller vividly depicts British life, male relationships, and coming to terms with entry into adulthood. Weller’s observations of society are more pointed and pessimistic than ever, but at the same time, he’s employed stronger melodies with a slicker production and comparatively fuller arrangements… ‘Setting Sons’ often reaches brilliance and stands among the Jam’s best albums, but the inclusion of a number of throwaways and knockoffs (especially the out-of-place cover of “Heat Wave” which closes the album) mars an otherwise perfect album.”
Score: 5/5

Album in full…

THE JAM: Biography – All Albums

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DIRE STRAITS Scored Sales Record With Their Album ‘BROTHERS IN ARMS’ 32 Years Ago In The UK…

British band DIRE STRAITS scored a sales record in the UK with their fifth longplayer ‘BROTHERS IN ARMS‘. It spend a total of 14 non-consecutive weeks at the top spot
of the UK Albums Chart and was the first ever album selling more than 3 million copies
in Great-Britain. Worldwide it became over time one of the best-selling LP’s with more
than 30 million sold copies.

You can stream the album here…

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