Fantasy Trip With FIREWOODISLAND On Their New Cut From Upcoming LP – Here’s ‘HOLLOW COVES’…

New sonic impulses

25 September 2019


Who: Firewoodisland is the alias of Bristol based Norwegian/Welsh multi-instrumentalists and songwriters Stian Ved√ły and Abi Eleri. Their emotive and dynamic vocal harmonies together with the morphing of organic and digital instruments creates an atmospheric soundscape that is moving yet striking

Track: HOLLOW COVES – third single the duo’s 2nd self-titled LP out in 2020.
The song “is about reaching the point of having nothing left to give and meeting someone
with a fresh perspective who breathes new life into those empty places. It acts as a reminder that we’re not made to do life by ourselves”
said the band in a chat with PopMatters

Score: This duo sounds like they’re living in a sort of fantasy land where everything illuminates and shines brightly. Their multi-layered harmonies remind me of Cocteau Twins‘ sonic promenades, otherworldly and spiritual. This is aural pleasure with a soothing and softening effect. Press play and start dreaming here…