IDLEWILD – Tempestuous Debut Longplayer ‘HOPE IS IMPORTANT’ Is 20 Today…

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19 October 2018

Band: IDLEWILD (Scotland)

Album: HOPE IS IMPORTANT – the band’s debut album

Released: 19 October 1998 – 20 years ago

TINY MIX TAPES wrote: “It’s one of those records that just grabs you, slowly becoming more and more infectious over time. The band wear their influences quite blatantly on their sleeves. The abstract lyrics and song titles combined with a distinct US garage rock sound at an R.E.M. influence, circa-Murmur. At times, however, Idlewild do manage to truly transcend their inspirations and create music which sounds truly original, specifically, the heart-warming strum-along of “I’m Happy To Be Here Tonight”, the ominous atmospherics of “Safe And Sound” and especially the devastating closer “Low Light”, which slowly builds up a feel of impending doom, eventually subsiding only for it to explode in an orgy of white noise which seems to go on for ages; pummeling the listener into a sweet submission.”
Full review here – Score 4.5/5

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: A tremendously boisterous debut album by a young explosive band who knew perfectly well how to turn punk injected eruptions into highly sticky bangers. From noisy havoc to big anthems and a couple of dreamy mid-tempo reflections in between. Top performance!

TOP TRACKS: A Film For The Future / When I Argue I See Shapes / I’m A Message

* A FILM FOR THE FUTUREA solid gold punk classic

* WHEN I ARGUE I SEE SHAPESGlowing belter…

*I’M A MESSAGEElectrical stroke

ALBUM in full…

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