Amplified Pop Bliss – Here’s New Single ‘HOURGLASS’ By British Crew GLASS VIOLET

20 March 2021

Who: Steamy team from Bristol, formed in 2018
References: Kasabian, The Killers, The Strokes, Blossoms, CATB

Pick: HOURGLASS – new single
About: The song was originally inspired by experiencing both being introverted and extroverted and how mood states can flip similar to an hourglass being turned onto its opposite side. Also influences from dream sequences and questioning life after death.

Score: Five seconds in and this brisk belter storms full steam forward. Multiple waves
of blistering guitars infiltrate your greedy ears, while a persistent drumbeat activates
your feet and makes your head spin. And when the flamboyant chorus pops up with a fervent flair and a vivid vocal verve à la The Killers you know and you feel that Hourglass
is amplified top pop bliss with a dark lyrical twist.

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