25 June 2021

Five new firecrackers to boost your weekend…

‘How Not To Drown’ by CHRVCHES and Robert Smith
The original track was released early this month. And this version is remixed by
the hands of The Cure‘s mastermind Robert Smith. He pumped up the volume and
build a titanic wall-of-sound.

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‘Cannonball’ by EAMON MCGRATH (Toronto)
This instantly affecting country rock anthem “alludes to the opportunity to reflect
and look back on moments in your life as a musician with love and desire, but also a deep realization that they will never return.”
. The captivating duet vocals with Cayley Thomas – think Emmylou Harris on a high – are nothing less than overwhelming. You’ll understand why Eamon McGrath is a Gram Parsons and Lee Hazlewood fan. Top stuff!

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‘Sirens’ by FUZZY LIGHTS (Cambridge UK)
“Its a dark love song that tries to figure out how can we live with one another when there
is so much hate and resentment.”
Sings of the times indeed. Sirens has an ominous psych flow while the ghostly vocals emphasize the song’s haunting atmospherics. An amplified mediation about the uncertain future. From the band’s new album Burials, out 2nd July.

‘Boston Lager’ by THE RUDDY RUCKUS (Hamilton, Canada)
Remember those crazy nights out on the town when you’re with your friends and things are starting to get a little too carried away? It’s possible you can’t remember those out-of-your-mind drink sessions because you had way to much Boston Lager in your bloodstream.

Anyway, this swaggering rocker feels like a sober reflection about marathon booze excesses. This is the second single from our upcoming debut album Wentworth And
out September 10th,

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‘We Are Between’ by MODEST MOUSE (Portland, US)
Today, the Portland veterans released their 7th album, titled The Golden Casket. Without a shadow of a doubt one of their best works. The adrenaline lead-single ‘We Are Between‘ is definitely my favorite.

Here’s why…

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

ROBERT SMITH Joins CHVRCHES For New Wall-Of-Emotive Synths Single – ‘HOW NOT TO DROWN’

3 June 2021

Band: CHRVCHES (Glasgow, Scotland)
Active since 2011 – 3 studio albums so far

New album: SCREEN VIOLENCE – 4th LP
Release: 27 August 2021
Order info: here

New single: HOW NOT TO DROWN
Lauren Mayberry (singer/lyricist): “It’s about a time when
I just wanted to disappear, and the only time I ever thought
about quitting the band. I felt like I was in over my head at
the deep end and not sure how to get back.”

How Not To Drown is a three-part composition. Starting with
a poppy disco vibe, followed by a vocal Robert Smith (The Cure)
moment, and ending with a dreamy wall-of-synths finale. Oh,
almost forgot, the chorus is emotionally titan. Top stuff.

Listen here…

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