A Loud And Shout Call To Arms – STICK TO YOUR GUNS Unleashed Their 7th Album ‘SPECTRE’

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3 August 2022

Who: The famous Californian hardcore tormentors
Active: Since 2003 / 7 studio LPs (new one incl.)

New album: SPECTRE
Released: 29 July 2022 – order info here

Kerrang! says: “Life in 2022’s a bit shit, isn’t it? The planet is burning to death, the cost of living crisis has taken a bite out of everyone’s finances, and governments worldwide are sliding further and further to the right. As grim as this is, however, it means that hardcore heroes Stick To Your Guns are emerging from the woodwork at a time where they are needed most with their first album in five years. As with any record the Californians put their name to, Spectre is more than just a riff-fueled cathartic blast – it’s both astute in its commentary and revitalizing in its mood, brimming with the energy that could lift even the most desperate soul off their knees.” Score: 4/5.

(Credit: Press – FB band)

Turn Up The Volume: Their filthy-nasty-vicious blend of punk, metal, hardcore,
and hard rock the L.A. gunslingers will again ignite countless moshpits.

Expect crushing cacophonies, barb-wire scream-along headbutts and railroading escapades. At times – yes – monumentally catchy and terrifically melodious and
– yes – a melancholic ballad to close one of the best albums I heard all year long.

Spectre is a a loud and shout call to arms with a message of hope.
An outcry to join forces and turn the threatening tide of a world that
lost its marbles.

Let’s just do it! And, by the way,I wouldn’t mind if Spectre is played to
the max for a full 24 hours on earphones (with sharp pins) on Putin’s
ugly head. Fuck him!

Single/clip: Hush / Open Up My Head

– HUSH –


Release the dogs.
Stream/buy full album here…