Far-Out Sound Travelers SKYJELLY And SOLILIANS Team Up For Chill Out Trips

16 March 2020

Who’s who…

SKYJELLY: Experimental minds, led by Boston’s basement guitar wizard Skyjelly Jones. They produce multi-layered electricity, they reject sonic boundaries and mainstream junk. Think early Flaming Lip jamming with some free-jazz junkies. Yes, mental stuff for chill out addicts and sonic freaks. Twisted escapades with transcendent effect. Swirly dervish!
Discover their haunting exploits on Bandcamp.

SOLILIANS: Mind-crashing Maryland based dreamers exploring the doors of perception with their hypnotic spacey drones, their capriciously sonorous interpretation of shoegaze inspired feedback and their magnetic female vocals. Science-fiction harmonies for UFO obsessed outsiders and all those who dislike cheesy pop band Pink Floyd.
Discover their dark side of the moonscapes on Bandcamp.

Project: The two velvet underground outfits shared a record called IN THE RUNNING 1 with both acts contributing three tracks, brought to you by indie record legal I Heart Noise. Expect far-reaching close encounters of the third kind, surreal expedition, way-out orchestrations and adventuresome tunefulness.

Here are the 21st Century pipers
at the gates of dawn…

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Compelling Singer/Songwriter WILLIAM CARLOS WHITTEN Impresses With Brand New LP ‘BURN MY LETTERS’…

Sonic splendor that good you play it…

6 June 2018

I never ever heard of artist WILLIAM CARLOS WHITTEN before until a week ago, when Boston based digital label I Heart Noise send me a Bandcamp-link with the named artist’s brand new album, entitled BURN MY LETTERS. I gave it a listen as I know, by experience, that I Heart Noise releases fascinating stuff frequently. Now, after several spins in only 48 hours I know one thing about Whitten and one thing about his fresh longplayer. Firstly: he’s a haunting songwriter with a striking voice and mixed emotions songs that touch disturbed hearts and desperate souls with heavy-hearted songs. Secondly (after I was blown away by the record I wanted to know a bit more about the man): he’s based in New York City and has been around for a long time. He played with NYC band St. Johnny (1989-195) and is still part of Grand Mal. Also when I noticed that Dave Fridman, known for his work with psychedelic daydreamers Mercury Rev, Flaming Lips and Sparklehorse, mastered this longplayer I felt immediately why he got involved. Burn My Letters is a special piece
of work. High-quality songwriting. Gripping arrangements. Affecting instrumentation
(with an omnipresent, touching piano). Different moods, different musings, different timbres, different tunes. Discover the desolate, human beauty right here…