Waking Up On Christmas Day With SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES Signing In French I’l EST NÉ, LE DIVIN ENFANT

Works faster and harder than caffeine

25 December 2022

In the early eighties Goth icons SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES, with
The Cure‘s Robert Smith as temporary member, covered classic French
Christmas lullaby I’l Est Né Le Divin Enfant (‘He is born, the divine child’).

The song was published for the first time in 1874 by the organist
of the cathédrale de Saint-Dié-des-Vosges in France.

The Banshees released their version as the B-side of the single Melt.
A great piece from their excellent 1982 LP A Kiss In The Dreamhouse.

Siouxsie in French… fantastique!

Hallelujah! Let’s all sing for peace,
tolerance, equality, love, unity and
lots of rawk ‘n roll.