Trippy Bass Stories And Reggae Reverbs – Join JAH WOBBLE On His ‘IN DUB II’ Odyssey

27 September 2020

Artist: Jah Wobble (Stepney, London)
Who: Bass guitarist, singer, poet, composer and ex-key member of groundbreaking sonic innovators PiL, most memorable for their experimental classic Metal Box. In 1982 Wobble formed Invaders of the Heart and started his adventurous solo projects. His Discography.

Album: IN DUB II
Released: 25 September 2020

Cherry Records info: “Compiled and annotated by Wobble, who has also contributed some
of his paintings for the front cover and the booklet, IN DUB II picks up where its predecessor left off, sampling his 30 Hertz catalogue from 1990 onwards. Bringing this fascinating musical story up-to-date, IN DUB II also boasts two brand new recordings, ‘Silk Road Dub’ and ‘Yangqin Dub’, as well as three tracks from 2019’s EP, The Electro Dub Extravaganza. The front cover design reproduces one of Jah Wobble’s paintings, entitled ‘Tower Blocks on the Marshes ‘.”

This new double CD collection features his work with bands Invaders Of The Heart,
Deep Space, Temple Of Sound
and the Nippon Dub Ensemble, plus collaborations with
singers Julie Campbell and Yulduz Usmanova among others.

Jah Wobble: ““All you’ve got to do is put a bass in my hand and an iPad and I’m away.
I get the iPad out and I start a track and within ten minutes it’s taken me. Every track you
work on is very different. Making music really captures me. ”

Turn Up The Volume: “Sorry, can’t speak now. I’m still somewhere
in space with this extended dub extravaganza on my headphones.”

The Odyssey in full…

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