Ace Dance-Techno-House Act MANDY, INDIANA With New Cut ‘INJURY DETAIL’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

18 January 2023

Who: Frenetic dance-rock-pop
ensemble from Manchester

After making a huge impression with
their action-packed Debut EP

The eccentric Mancunians open 2023 with
a new booster, named INJURY DETAIL.

Valentine Caulfield (singer): “It was inspired by the idea of being
trapped in a liminal space, with the guitars creating a seemingly limitless
and undefined landscape. The vocals act as a guide to possible salvation,
or perhaps something of a more sinister intent.”

TUTV: If this sassy house party sucker-punch doesn’t do your head
and feet in you need to consult a techno party psychiatrist. Injury Detail
has an instant impact on your inner stereo and feels like a rush of blood
to all of your lazy limbs. It’s exactly what you need to hope that 2023 won’t
be a copy of the restless past three years. The sexy French vocals by Valentine
sure help to get in the right boosting mood. No time to worry, back
to the dancefloor.

The accompanying, amazing visual below is made by Thomas Harrington Rawle.

MANDY, INDIANA: Linktree – Facebook

Unearthed Video Footage Of LOU REED Joining JOHN MELLENCAMP At A Small Club Gig In 1987 Shows Up

It’s 17 September 1987 and something unique happens in the club called
Bluebird in Bloomington, Indiana. The local band Ragin’ Texans are playing.

Nothing special so far until the 100 people present see and hear American
rock hero John Mellencamp fronting the band. And if that wasn’t enough
the late great icon Lou Reed joins him at one point to play his classics ‘Walk
On The Wild Side’, ‘Sweet Jane’, ‘Rock & Roll’
and ‘I Love You, Suzanne.’

It happened a couple of days before Farm Aid III in Lincoln, Nebraska.
It was Mellencamp who organised this warm-up gig. Besides Lou Reed
also John Prine hit the stage at the end of the show.

The quality of the footage isn’t perfect at all but it’s that sort of gig of which
everybody says afterward they have been there that makes it special to see.

Watch it here. Lou Reed shows up around 17 minutes into the video…