Belgian Nightdreamers SONIC TIDES Stun With Slow-Burning Jam ‘INSOMNIA’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

20 June 2022

Band: SONIC TIDES (Liege)
Who: Belgian 5-piece that produces a big subversive sound
ranging from noise rock to psychedelic. You can dive into their
duality between dissonant sounds and hypnotizing and
neurotic harmonies.

New single: INSOMNIA

“An ode to people suffering from insomnia. The lyrics describe the never ending
thought loops that keep you from falling asleep even in a state of extreme fatigue.”

Turn Up The Volume: The sky-scraping vocal vehemence of Soundgarden and the mindboggling electricity of Mogwai. This should give you an idea of this slow-burning nightmare erupting now and then with impassioned yearning. When a magnetic
bass riff and screeching guitars take over, midway, this hallucination works its way
to a inflammatory finale until the torch has burned out. Epic stuff.

The band had the privilege to work with Simon Medard and his team for the production of the accompanying video. The team of animators has worked tirelessly for months on this massive project. Its dreamy visuals were directly inspired by the band members dreams.

Eye-catching animated spectacle…