Electrical Turmoil With Texan Foursome MEGAFAUNA On Brand New Single ‘IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE’…

Brand new sonic impulses

6 May 2019

Texan quartet MEGAFAUNA led by singer/shredder Dani Neff have released four albums so far “blending raw garage energy, prog-rock flash, and infectious riffs into a sound that’s just as face-melting as it is melodic.” And their fifth one titled GHOST COAST will see the day of light on 24th May.

Ahead of the upcoming storm comes fresh single IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE. A roaring slow/fast rollercoaster that hits you like a sonic tsunami over and over again when tribal drums/bass, rolling guitars and Neff‘s wandering voice going totally borderline. Blustery thunder and scary lighting on repeat before a prog rock guitar solo takes over for a fading out ending. Electrical turmoil all the way. Experience it here…

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