Singer/Songwriter USI ES Releases New Mystifying Four-Track EP ‘MUTINY’…

Relaxing reveries for the laziest day of the week

9 June 2019

Belgian singer-songwriter Esther Weemaes aka Usi ES: Facebook just released her new 4-track EP called MUTINY. A notable piece of work with four mystifying songs (including a PJ Harvey cover). Overall the combination of its atmospheric and dreamlike musicality that feels both haunting and fairy-tale like at the same time and Usi ES tempting and appealing voice turns this EP into a compelling experience that will make you slip into a sedative state of mind.

A tranquilizing fable with an enchanting and idyllic tonality.
Inspired by one of the stories by the late worldwide famous
Welsh writer Roald Dahl

This beauty ripples like fresh water in a small river in the woods
with vocal duet sequences adding a whimsical sentiment.

A personal and intimate musing.
Sensuous and affecting.

An alluring rendition of PJ Harvey‘s
spine-chilling ‘Is This Desire? reverie.

Usi ES: Facebook

Here’s the clip for opening track ‘Billy Weaver‘…

PJ HARVEY – Her 4th Album ‘IS THIS DESIRE?’ Turns 20…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

27 September 2018


Album: IS THIS DESIRE? Her 4th LP

Released: 28 September 1998 – 20 years ago

ROLLING STONE review: “A classic-rock spinster druid in Dr. Marten drag, a demon stewardess on her very own astral plane, Polly Jean Harvey knows she has a great formula,
and she doesn’t mess with it on ‘Is This Desire?’ Her lusty English-farm-girl voice and guitar
still trace the fates of glamorously doomed heroines with names like Angelene, Leah and Elise… But for all the gothed-up Eurogloom, Is This Desire? is a lot of fun. Harvey makes her deranged fantasies of feminine evil sound like a righteous Saturday night, albeit a bleak and stormy one… But for all of her fabulous masks, Is This Desire? hits home because it comes down to a very simple sentiment: Harvey wants to know what love is, and she wants you to show her.”

Full review here .

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: PJ is unique in voice, sound, vision, story-telling and performance. And my all-time Harvey fav track ‘The Wind‘ is on this one.

THREE TOP TRACKS: Wind / A Perfect Day Elise / The Garden

* WIND – best PJ track ever…

* A PERFECT DAY ELISE – haunting…

* THE GARDEN – mesmeric…

ALBUM in full…

PJ HARVEY: Website – Facebook – Discography