ISLANDMAN Produces Becharming Waves On New Trippy Cut ‘SHU!’ From Their Upcoming LP…

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21 September 2019



Who: Setting sail out of the native sounds of Anatolian psychedelia, Istanbul‘s Islandman trio represents an adventure for undiscovered worlds

Pick: SHU! – newest single from their sophomore LP, titled ‘Kaybola’ which means to get lost to find a new way

Score: Exotic and spellbinding rhythms, trippy and trancy electronics and mind-pleasing tunefulness. This mesmerizing dance floor filler will make your hips shake, your thighs sway while your head will lose connection with reality. Becharming vibes! Enamoured excitement! Press play and fly away…

islandman: Facebook

New album KAYBOLA out 18th October – all info right here

For Vibey Weddings – Here’s ISLANDMAN With Their New Seducing Single ‘DIMITRO’…

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1 July 2019

ISLANDMAN, the Istanbul based trio of multi-instrumentalists led by producer Tolga Böyük already impressed Turn Up The Volume a couple of weeks ago with their trippy
lead single Lamani from their upcoming second LP. And the band continues to spoil
our hungry ears with another notable cut from the album.

‘DIMITRO’ is a traditional wedding song says Böyük and adds: “I wanted to combine it with 808 drums and bass to make it a slow motion dance track keeping the vocals raw and ritualistic feeling, I think the track gives a mood of a big circle of people holding hands and dancing like a modern folklore dance tribe.”

Seducing, exotic, harmonious and kaleidoscopic.
Press and start dancing right here…


Turkish ISLANDMAN Takes You On A Sound Explorering Trip – Here’s ‘LAMANI’…

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10 May 2019


Who: “Born from the musical dreams of Tolga Böyük, Islandman represents a fictional character, a musical persona, a dreamer composing the stories of a non-existent place.
What began as a solo project has now blossomed into a trio of friends with Eralp Güven
on percussion and Erdem Başer on the guitar.”

Track: LAMANI – the first single of upcoming second LP titled ‘Kaybola’, which means
to get lost to find a new way. The record is chock full of ethno-cultural material from Japan
to Bulgaria, including field recordings of Tuva, Central Asia throat singers.

Score: Lamani‘ sounds like the ideal soundtrack for all of you out there who dream frequently about traveling around the world. It’s vibey, bouncy, hypnotic, spaced-out
and its irresistibly magnetizing groove makes you want to go out, spread your wings
and just fly away. This is spellbinding music without frontiers. This is an intriguing sonic exploration. This trippy jam will resonate in your head for a while after only one spin.

Tune in right here…

ISLANDMAN: ‘Lamani’ on Bandcamp –Facebook