XTC’s Main Man ANDY PARTRIDGE Presents New Band THE 3 CLUBMEN And Their First Single

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

28 April 2023

Andy Partridge | Jen Olive | Stu Rowe – photo courtesy of Stu Rowe

Andy Partridge, main man of British new wave/guitar pop band
XTC (1972-2006 / 14 albums) has always been busy since the band
called it a day (producing others / graphic work) but not in the public

A few years back he said: “I’m waiting for my music
mojo to return, in between I research UFO events.”

And guess what? His mojo has enlightened him again.
He has put a new band together with Jen Olive and Stu
and named it THE 3 CLUBMEN.

Along with the news comes their first single, titled AVIATRIX.

Partridge said to Joyzine: “Like an “action painter” throws colour at a canvas, we tend to throw musical and sound things, knowing that we’ll cut through this seemingly insane mess later, to hopefully find some beautiful garden, hiding there. I throw paint, Jen throws paint, Stu throws paint… and we walk away. If, when we return, something in there calls to us, we’ll move heaven and earth to get it out and let it breath. Using whatever it takes, be it contrary musical ideas, parts in clashing keys incongruous sounds, contradictory words/phrases. It’s all clay to us.”

Aviatrix is a frolic flute-infused pop song that flutters like a little bird
in the sky. A 5-minute, playful and infectious Spring ditty with Partridge
and Jen Olive sharing vocals.


THE 3 CLUBMEN: Facebook – Instagram