JOE JACKSON Released His Praised ‘NIGHT AND DAY’ LP 40 Years Ago Today

Back in time

10 June 2022

40 years ago today, on 10 June 1982, British singer-songwriter JOE JACKSON
(born David Ian “Joe” Jackson 68 years ago) released his 5th LP NIGHT AND DAY.

A record that confirmed once more that he wasn’t the by the press labeled
new wave artist. The longplayer was another proof of his high-skilled quality
as a supreme pop music composer.

AllMusic said: “1982 will forever be known as the year that the punks got class,
or at least when Joe Jackson and Elvis Costello, rivals for the title of Britain’s reigning
Angry Young Man, decided that they were not just rockers, but really songwriters in
the Tin Pan Alley tradition….Jackson’s ‘Night and Day’ and Costello’s ‘Imperial Bedroom’ announced to the world that both were “serious songwriters,” standing far apart from
the clamoring punkers and silly new wavers.”
Score: 4.5/5.



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