The Final Longplayer By Immortal Working Class Hero JOHN LENNON Came Out 40 Years Ago

19 November 2020

After leaving music behind him for five years in order to be as much as possible with his son Sean, immortal rock & pop legend JOHN LENNON went back in the studio, with the love of his life Yoko Ono for what became his final longplayer.

DOUBLE FANTASY was released 40 years ago on 17 November 1980. It wasn’t his best work but so special just because it was his last gift to his countless fans all over the globe.

Only three weeks after the LP’s release the working class hero was killed cowardly by Mark Chapman. Lennon was, unquestionably, my favorite Beatle, he was the rocker. As part of the Fab Four, he changed pop, along with his twin songwriter buddy Macca. And let’s not forget he became an influential peace activist, under the influence of Yoko.


The romantic single (Just Like) Starting Over

Full album…



12 October 2020

British post-punk duo DEUX FURIEUSES celebrates the immortal icon
John Lennon‘s 80th birthday (born 9 October 1940) with a riveting
cover of his plain-spoken protest song Gimme Some Truth from
1971 album Imagine.

A song that fits this loud and clear duo like a glove.

“Here is our cover of ‘Gimme Some Truth’ by John Lennon who
inspired us to play music and see through the hypocrites and the
fuckers. Happy Birthday, John, you thought tricky dicky was bad.”

I’ve had enough of reading things
By neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians
All I want is the truth
Just give me some truth

Right here…

The original

deux furieuses: Facebook

(photos via deux furieuses)

SEAN LENNON Covers ‘ISOLATION’ For His Late Genial Father’s 80th Birthday

10 October 2020

Immortal singer-songwriter genius JOHN LENNON was born in Liverpool 80 years ago,
on 9 October 1940 and his son SEAN, the only child he had with YOKO ONO (who’s 87), was born 45 years later on the same day as his dad. Happy birthday to both Lennons.

To celebrate his father’s 80th birthday Sean covered ISOLATION, one of the highlights of his world famous dad’s solo debut album titled John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band which was released almost 50 years ago, on 11 December 1970.

It’s really incredible how Sean’s voice resembles his father’s vox. They are truly family…

The original


Happy 80 John, happy 45 Sean…


Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

1 January 2020

2019 wasn’t a great year for humankind. It was a year in which sexism, racism, inequality, intolerance and egoism were the big winners, supported and promoted by many populist politicians who invent imaginary enemies in order to make their very own people anxious, fearful and confused, so they can profile themselves as the miraculous supermen and the great saviors of all evil and control all human minds. My greatest fear for the future is that the ongoing process of brainwashing will expand extremely and lead to even more human dramas as we already experience for some time now.

Many will laugh as I say that JOHN LENNON and his PLASTIC ONO BAND were right all the time when singing ‘GIVE PEACE A CHANCE’. All sorts of unscrupulous opportunists, greedy businessmen and corrupt politicians reject peace and solidarity because they cannot make fortunes with it, nor gain the total power that is needed to suppress a population. History showed from day one that war only causes humane destruction!

Peace is the only way to survive!
I hope it gets a chance in 2020…


JOHN LENNON Hit Top Of The US Singles Chart With ‘WHATEVER GETS YOU THRU THE NIGHT’ 45 Years Ago…

Knockouts from the past

16 November 2019

Artist: John Lennon
Song: Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
B-side: Beef Jerky
Album: Wall And Bridges
Note 1: While watching TV one night John Lennon saw
a famous black evangelist saying: “Let me tell you guys,
it doesn’t matter, it’s whatever gets you through the night.”

He wrote the line down and used the last part for his song’s title.
Note 2: ‘Whatever Gets You thru the Night’ was his only Number One
solo single in the US in his lifetime. It hit the top spot on 16 November
1974, 45 years ago. In the UK it peaked at #36.

Here’s the remastered version…

And here the official video featuring Elton John