JOHN MELLENCAMP With Americana Folk Anthem ‘THE EYES OF PORTLAND’ About The Homeless

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15 May 2023

Longtime Americana rocker JOHN MELLENCAMP is in a productive flow. Last year
he released his 24th album Strictly A One-Eyed Jack and number 25 is on its way.

comes out on June 2. Order info here.

Today a track off the LP went online.

THE EYES OF PORTLAND is a glorious
Americana folk anthem about the homeless.

It’s terrifically catchy with a towering sing-along chorus.

As I saw through the eyes of Portland one day
There were so many homeless, they’d all gone astray
They slept on the corners during the day
As not to be harmed when the sun went away

There were old ones and young ones, white ones and black
They were all shapes and sizes, with rags on their backs
So many people mixed up in this stew
With no place to go and nothing to do

All of thesе homeless, wherе do they come from?
In this land of plenty where nothing gets done
To help those who are empty and unable to run
Your tears and prayers won’t help the homeless

Press play.

JOHN MELLENCAMP: Website – Instagram

American Songsmith JOHN MELLENCAMP Celebrates His 70th Birthday

7 October 2021

American singer-songwriter/painter/actor/film director JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP celebrates his 70th birthday today. He was born in Seymour Indiana on 7 October 1951. He started his successful career back in 1976, made 23 studio albums so far. His 24th LP Strictly a One-Eyed Jack arrives next year.

The late great Johnny Cash once said: “Mellencamp is
among our greatest living singer songwriters.”

3 great Mellencamp moments…

(No 1 hit in the US in 1982)

(Live version 1985)

(First Mellencamp/Springsteen duet – 2021)


JOHN MELLENCAMP And BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – The First Duet Of The Two Giant American Rockers

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30 September 2021

The two legendary giant rockers JOHN MELLENCAMP and BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN
shared the same stage a couple of times, as mutual guests or for a benefit, but
never recorded together.

But lately, they have been spotted a few times, hanging out together. And yesterday
we heard what the duo was actually doing. They dropped a characteristically Americana ballad called WASTED DAYS, written by Mellencamp, sing by himself and The Boss who
also plays acoustic guitar.

A melancholic beauty…


Unearthed Video Footage Of LOU REED Joining JOHN MELLENCAMP At A Small Club Gig In 1987 Shows Up

It’s 17 September 1987 and something unique happens in the club called
Bluebird in Bloomington, Indiana. The local band Ragin’ Texans are playing.

Nothing special so far until the 100 people present see and hear American
rock hero John Mellencamp fronting the band. And if that wasn’t enough
the late great icon Lou Reed joins him at one point to play his classics ‘Walk
On The Wild Side’, ‘Sweet Jane’, ‘Rock & Roll’
and ‘I Love You, Suzanne.’

It happened a couple of days before Farm Aid III in Lincoln, Nebraska.
It was Mellencamp who organised this warm-up gig. Besides Lou Reed
also John Prine hit the stage at the end of the show.

The quality of the footage isn’t perfect at all but it’s that sort of gig of which
everybody says afterward they have been there that makes it special to see.

Watch it here. Lou Reed shows up around 17 minutes into the video…