Metal Supergroup HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES In The UK And Germany In 2023

HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES are a 4-piece supergroup featuring golden oldies
Alice Cooper (1974), Joe Perry (72) from Aerosmith, Tommy Henriksen (58), guitarist/bassist/songwriter with Alice Cooper, and actor Johnny Depp (59).

They already canned/released 2 albums.
Hollywood Vampires (2015) and Rise (2019).

The celebs gonna attack the UK and Germany in 2023
More dates and countries will follow.

UK 2023

July 5 – Scarborough
July 7 – Swansea
July 8 – Manchester
July 9 – London
July 11 – Birmingham
July 12 – Glasgow

Germany 2023

Rock ‘n’ roll! HELL YEAH!

HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES: Facebook – Instagram

Waking Up In France With An Ex-Woman Of Johnny Depp

Works faster than caffeine

14 June 2022

Mega movie star Johnny Depp was all over the news the past
weeks with his court case against former partner Amber Head.

Depp acolytes could see how two former lovers tried to tear each other
apart and millions of dollars flew around in court after the judge had spoken.

Anyway, as I’m on holiday in France, the Depp story reminded me that he used to be married to French songstress Vanessa Paradis (now 48) from 1998-2012. One of his
many women (Lori Anne Allison, Sherilyn Fenn, Jennifer Grey, Winona Ryder, Ellen Barkin,
Kate Moss
…) The pair have two children.

Alors, laissez prendre
le taxi avec Vanessa…