JOHNNY MARR Goes Disco To Ignore The Imminent Apocalypse – Here’s New Track ‘ARMATOPIA’…

Brand new sonic impulses

22 February 2019

JOHNNY MARR‘s productivity is unstoppable. After releasing Call the Comet, his best
solo album so far last June, followed some months later by new spiky track Jeopardy
the Manchester legend just dropped another new one. Marr feels that the Apocalypse
is just around the corner and proposes to get-together and have fun in order to forget about the imminent collapse of our troubled planet. Great idea! Here’s the soundtrack
to escape the fatal downfall. ARMATOPIA is a dance floor disco filler to get up to and
fight for our right to party one more time. Shake your booty, folks…


TURN UP THE VOLUME’s 15 Knockout Live Performances Of 2018…

Turn Up The Volume saw about 150 acts playing live this past year. Here are the 15 Knockout Performances that made his body temperature going way up, made his adrenalin stream faster and had a lasting impact on his greedy ears & impressed eyes.

1. THE FLAMING LIPS – Melkweg, Amsterdam – 11 November – Review here

2. SLOWDIVE – Cactus Brugge Festival – 15 July – Review here


3. IDLES – De Zwerver, Leffinge, Belgium – 2 November – Review here

4. JOHNNY MARR – Trix Club, Antwerp – 7 December – Review here

5. FONTAINES D.C. – Botanique, Brussels – 4 May – Review here

6. NOEL GALLAGHER – Vorst National, Brussels – 6 April

7. THE GLÜCKS – Ghent Fest – 19 July – Review here

8. RUMOURS – Cosa Nostra, Aalst – 21 April – Review here

9. JUJU – Kinky Star, Ghent – 18 February – Review here

10. PEUK – De Kleine Kunst, Ghent – 8 September – Review here

11. AUTOBAHN – Kinky Star, Ghent – 11 February – Review here

12. FALLING MAN – Ghent Fest – 14 July – Interview here

13. PERE UBU – 4 AD, Diksmuide – 1 June – Review here

14. TUBELIGHT – Charlatan, Ghent – 23 March – Review here

15. PINK ROOM – Kinky Star, Ghent – 3 March – Review here

(all pictures by Turn Up The Volume!)

The Wonderfully Glowing JOHNNY MARR Took Us All Out Last Night In Antwerp…

Johnny Marr – Trix Club, Antwerp, Belgium – 7 December 2018

The 10 Highs of the night…

1. Johnny Marr is a natural rock star, not a fabricated one, unlike many.
2. His way of communicating with the crowd through electricity is unique.
3. His glowing vox touches me more than that Smiths guy’s voice ever did.
4. He played 9 out of the 12 ‘Call The Comet‘ tracks. His best non-Smiths LP.
5. Easy Money is unquestionably THE catchiest cracker he ever wrote. Top!
6.Hi Hello‘ has that heartwarming Smithsesque swagger. Magical touch.
7. 15 seconds of ‘Fly Like An Eagle‘ and 5 secs of ‘This Charming Man’. LOL.
8. Turning ‘Getting Away With It‘ into a psychedelic disco stomper was ace.
9. Dedicating ‘Bug‘ to Trump was spot on. ‘Population is sick and shaking’.
10. The place went ballistic when that moment he took us all out kicked in.

Before you would ask, no, there were no lows. Along with The Flaming Lips
and Idles one of the 3 top gigs of Turn Up The Volume‘s busy concert year.

Some snapshots

Glowing starr

“You just keep me hangin’ on”

Mister Marr took us all out tonight

The Tracers
Bigmouth Strikes Again
Day In Day Out
New Dominions
Hi Hello
The Headmaster Ritual
Walk Into the Sea
Getting Away With It
Hey Angel
Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
Spiral Cities
Get the Message
Easy Money
Boys Get Straight
How Soon Is Now?
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet, Baby

Set the boy free

JOHNNY MARR: Call The Comet – Facebook – Website

(all concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

Picture This…

Last time Turn Up The Volume saw
Johnny Marr playing Belgium was
in 2014 at Lokerse Feesten Festival

Next time the legend plays Belgium:
Friday 7 December 2018 in Antwerp .
See you there Mister Marr. Here’s
new rad album ‘CALL THE COMET‘…

(all pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

JOHNNY MARR Shares Pounding Glam Rocker ‘JEOPARDY’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

23 September 2018

JOHNNY MARR launched his third, stupendous solo album Call The Comet 
last June. He just started a North American tour and simultaneously shared
new shaking track JEOPARDY. Formerly available only as the vinyl B-side to
the album’s lead single Hi Hallo and it actually sounds more like a truly bona
fide A-side. Here’s the thumping crackerjack…



TURN UP THE VOLUME’s Knockout Team For JUNE 2018 – Eleven Killer Tracks…

Eleven killer tracks on repeat this past month…

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Eleven killer tracks played on repeat in JUNE!
A steamy cocktail of lively rippers & sticky grooves
activating all our senses & limbs this past month!
Turn Up The Volume for June’s Knockout Team!

1/ ‘Get Gone’ by DEAP VALLY (Los Angeles, US)
Hundred seconds of blistering grit and spit. A tremendous bang-up. Sultry surf sequences with a dose of nasty The Cramps psychobilly by the coolest 2-piece on this wacko planet!
© David Brendan Hall /
DEAP VALLY: Facebook

2/ ‘New Dominions’ by JOHNNY MARR (Manchester, UK)
Most fascinating, most audacious and darkly groovin’ track/sound on Johnny Marr‘s new, third and adventurous solo longplayer Call The Comet. Gloomy modern-day glam-rock!

3/ ‘Red Horizon’ by PALM GHOSTS (Nashville, US)
Irresistible riffage and infectious beats escort a highly sticky melody. Cold waves causing warm sentiments. A supreme stroke from their new, excellent longplayer Architecture.

4/ ‘Subsonic Dream’ by THE DARTS (LA/Phoenix, US)
The hottest garage rock fury in ages. Their new crackerjack is steamy, sweaty and sassy.
A brawny banger fueled with sprightly guitar buzz, subsonic keyboards and vocal bravado.
THE DARTS: Facebook

5/ ‘You Don’t Walk Away From Love’ by PEACE (Worcester, UK)
Vibrant guitar pop that makes your day from the very first flashy chord on. Lively and catching earworm from the band’s third album Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll.
PEACE: Facebook

6/ ‘Peaches’ by ANIMAL HOUSE (Brighton, UK)
This red-hot garage rock ripper will make your head spin 360° and will make your feet tap uncontrollably. Deranged stuff, with a Kings Of Leon twist, to go completely bananas to!
Animal House: Facebook

7/ ‘Diagnose Me’ by KANE INCOGNITO (Hamilton, Canada)
A touching folk injected symphony with singer Eric Kane Cherrington‘s soul-stirring vox
in the middle of this harmonious pearl. Crystal clear orchestration and arrangements.

8/ ‘Coming Down’ by GENA ROSE BRUCE (Melbourne, Australia)
The song is “a happy-go-lucky look into self-destruction and total upheaval. Complete with ironic cheerfulness and introspective criticism” says this charismatic Aussie artist. With her hypnotizing voice and striking songwriting potential she’s on her way to something special.

9/ ‘Without You’ by FABRIC BEAR (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Energetic three-headed guitar driven generator creates elevating exhilaration. Their combination of catchy poppiness and electrical tunefulness works perfectly! Bingo!

10/ ‘Firebird 85’ by SONS OF BILL (Virginia, US)
The way this simpatico band combines idyllic harmonies, melodic beauty and sonic romanticism goes way back to the 60s magic of The Byrds. From new LP OH GOD MA’AM 
SONS OF BILL: Facebook

11/ Try (Cross My Heart by SOCIAL STATION (Washington, District of Columbia, DC)
A cloudy symphony for the twilight hours. Heavy-hearted, yet with some spark of hope
at the end of the day/night. The cinematic atmosphere adds drama to the experience.
Social Single

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See/hear you next month, music junkies…