LEG PUPPY – London’s Electro-House-Techno Junk Soundtracks ‘THE RISE AND FALL OF JOHNNY PIGMAN’

New striking strokes

9 September 2022

Underground dance junk LEG PUPPY keeps on expanding his synth-intoxicating sound and vibe-vicious vision with a brand new motorized electro-house-techno serpent, named JOHNNY PIGMAN. It races and rushes, forth and back, like a runaway car going nowhere fast with Johnny Pigman at the wheels. Does he crashes in the end or what? I suppose this sadomasochistic brainbreaker is the harbinger for more to come from that mysterious pigman character.

Alert your neighbours before you start playing
this 10-minute kamikaze shocker very LOUD!


Thank you, Leg Puppy, your new rollercoaster
triggered me to watch these 3 classic car movies
over the weekend.




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