JONI MITCHELL – ‘Archives Volume 2: The Reprise Years (1968-1971)’ Out Now

9 January 2022

Born as Roberta Joan Anderson, born 78 years ago in Alberta, Canada.
Active: Since 1964 / 19th studio albums with Shine as the most recent,
released in 2017.

New collection: Joni Mitchell Archives – Vol. 2: The Reprise Years (1968–1971)

Info: “The tracks on Archives Vol II have been sequenced chronologically to follow Mitchell in real time through one of the most creative periods of her career. The collection uncovers several unreleased Mitchell originals, including “Jesus” recorded in 1969 at her friend Jane Lurie’s New York apartment in Chelsea, which also served as the setting for the song “Chelsea Morning.”

Other highlights include Mitchell’s performance at Le Hibou Coffee House in Ottawa on March 19, 1968 that was recorded by Jimi Hendrix and a concert at the Paris Theatre in London on October 29, 1970 that was broadcast on the BBC. The latter includes several songs destined
to appear on Blue the following year: “Carey,” “River” and “My Old Man.” In addition, singer-songwriter James Taylor joined Mitchell to perform with her during the second half of the show.”

Pitchfork says: “Spanning the years between her debut and Blue, this 122-song
set documents the hard work of exploration, revision, and rejection that shaped
the songwriter’s first masterpiece. It is a humanizing wonder.”
Score: 8.5/10.

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Legendary Songstress JONI MITCHELL Released 8th LP ‘HEJIRA’ 45 Years Ago Today

Back in time

14 November 2021

Born as Roberta Joan Anderson
78 years ago in Canada

Active: 1964–2002, 2006–2007, 2013 / 19th studio LPs
with Shine as the most recent one (2007)

Anniversary album: HEJIRA
Released: 14 November 1976 – 45 years ago today

AllMusic wrote: “Hejira is the last in an astonishingly long run of
top-notch studio albums dating back to her debut… by and large,
this release is the most overtly jazz-oriented of her career up to this
point, hip and cool, but never smug or icy. This excellent album is
a rewarding listen.”

Key single: Coyote (performed at The Band‘s last concert in 1978)…

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22 September 2021

Although she wasn’t at the historic three-day Woodstock festival
in 1969, singer-songwriter legend JONI MITCHELL wrote a song
about it. It appeared as B-side to her single Big Yellow Taxi. Several
artists, including her friends Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young covered it.

Goth heroine CHELSEA WOLFE about why she wanted to cover Woodstock:

“While preparing for the ‘Birth Of Violence’ tour, I was watching a lot of Joni Mitchell videos.
One night after working on the live set I was just letting the Joni videos roll. “Woodstock” came on and I started singing along. After that I simply asked Ben if he’d be into covering it with me for the tour. The cover came together quite naturally and it was a treat to play on stage every night. Joni is obviously such a big inspiration to this side of my music, so it felt right to pay tribute to her.”

Here comes Wolfe‘s soft alter ego…

Original version…


Legendary Singer/Songwriter JONI MITCHELL Released Her Superb Album ‘BLUE’ 50 Years Ago Today

22 June 2021

Born Roberta Joan “Joni” Mitchell in Albert, Canada
in November 1943 (77 years old)
Active: 1964–2002, 2006–2007, 2013 / 19 studio LPs

Album: BLUE – 4th LP
Released: 22 June 1971 – 50 years ago today
Score: #3 in the UK, #15 in the US, #9 in Canada

Joni Mitchell: “I see music as fluid architecture.”

Rolling Stone wrote 50 years ago: “In portraying herself so starkly, she has risked the ridiculous to achieve the sublime. The results though are seldom ridiculous; on Blue she has matched her popular music skills with the purity and honesty of what was once called folk music and through the blend she has given us some of the most beautiful moments in recent popular music.”

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3 Albums Turning 30 Today – Released 19th Feb 1991

– Road Apples by THE TRAGICALLY HIP –
(second LP)

AllMusic/John Azpiri: “The Tragically Hip have always taken a certain modest pride in their Canadian roots… The straight-ahead roots rock of Road Apples is a perfect example of why the Tragically Hip are legends north of the 49th parallel. American audiences have yet to catch on, but they would be doing themselves a favor by not stepping aside Road Apples.” Score: 4/5.

Stream here…

– Green Mind by DINOSAUR JR.
(fourth LP)

Rolling Stone:Listen to Green Mind a time or two and the term folk rock starts to take on entirely new dimensions. While no one’s going to mistake Dinosaur Jr majordomo J. Mascis for
a Roger McGuinn acolyte, there’s no denying that his pretty melodies and drawling, laid-back voice connote folk as surely as his over-the-top guitar playing spells rock. The resulting musical conflation is the sort of hybrid for which oxymorons like “lethargic urgency” are coined.”

Score: 4/5.

Stream here…

– Night Ride Home by JONI MITCHELL –
(14th LP)

The Los Angeles Times: “The album’s sound is as stripped-down as Mitchell has gotten in a while: lush, smooth sailing of the sort that Joni fans who’ve been away a while will love to come back to. What they’ll find is an artist who has continued to grow in surprising ways–as opposed to fighting off getting old.” Score: 4/5.

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YESTERDAY’S CRACKERS – This Week: 25 Killer Tracks And 3 Top LP’s From 1976 …

The best of the past

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3 Top Albums per year/per week. Here’s the first year punk showed up: 1976.

Here’s the 25 KILLER TRACKS selection…


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