SLOWDIVE – 30 Candles For Debut LP ‘JUST FOR A DAY’

4 September 2021

Who: Shoegazing dream pop outfit from Reading, UK
Active: 1989–1995, 2014–present / 4 studio albums so far

Anniversary album: JUST FOR A DAY
Released: 2 September 191 – 30 years ago

AllMusic wrote: “Just for a Day is Slowdive’s first album, and it shows,
when one listens to the magnificent sound of ‘Souvlaki’ or the brilliant
experimentation of ‘Pygmalion’, it becomes clear that ‘Just for a Day’
was only a step toward the greatness they would later achieve.”

Score: 3.5/5.

Single: Catch The Breeze…

Full album…

SLOWDIVE: Discography

(Pic by Turn Up The Volume – Brugge, Belgium – 2018)