NOW PLAYING! Debut Album By Electronic Artist KA FU – ‘ENCODING: MASTER’…

26 October 2019

Artist: KA FU
Who: “Physically residing in Milan, Ka Fu’s true home is his music – a place of constant innovation and freedom. As a result of being born and raised in the previously closed Russian military city of Severodvinsk, Ka Fu is a self-confessed global nomad. Addicted to perpetual change, his one constant is the desire to create, using the endless possibilities of sound to communicate his message to the universe.”
Album: ENCODING: MASTER – his debut LP
Released: 18 October 2019
Sound: A varied and multifaceted, atmospheric mix of techno, dance, trip-hop, electronic waves and cinematic soundscapes. Mind massage music that creates a feeling of delightful relaxation. Think Massive Attack, Leftfield, Orbital, Depeche Mode and sound expert Brian Eno

Enjoy here…

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Electronic Act/Producer KA FU Shares Booming Single ‘EMPTY DAYS’ From His Debut Album…

7 August 2019

Artist: KA FU

Who: An experimental electronic producer “who originally comes from the previously closed military Russian city of Severodvinsk which, produced nuclear submarines on the banks of the White Sea. Instinctively seeking a dramatic change, Ka Fu sought out the ‘doesn’t really matter’ lifestyle of Milan, where he felt the inner power to communicate through music with his audience.”

Track: EMPTY DAYS – second single from his
debut LP ‘Encoding: Master’, out 9th August

Score: Although you’ll hear influences from Depeche Mode‘s moodiest moments and Orbital‘s atmospheric textures this booming trip can stand on his own electronic and dancing feet. Its rhythmic vibrations and bass loaded beats will activate every single
nerve in your itchy body while its underlying ambient foundation will stimulate your
mind’s fantasy. Riveting achievement. Catch the echoing resonance right here…

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