‘HOUNDS OF LOVE’ By FUTUREHEADS – Released 15 Years Ago Today…

21 February 2020

Band: The Futureheads (2000–2013, 2018–present)
Single: Hounds Of Love
B-side: Man Made
Released: 21 February 2005 – 15 years ago today
AlbumSelf-titled debut LP  – released in 2004
Note 1: The song is a cover of Kate Bush’s title track
from her third album – released in 1985 – a song about
being afraid to fall in love, in the song this feeling is
compared to being chased by a pack of hounds
Note 2:When performing the song live the band
sometimes divided up the audience in two halves to sing
the a capella parts of the track which usually brought the
public into a state of euphoria (I experienced it myself once)
Score: The single peaked at #8 on the UK Singles Chart
and was NME’s track of the year

Here we go… Oh Oh Oh

Sing along live version (Glastonbury 2005)…

Kate Bush‘s original version…


KATE BUSH Released Her Sixth Album ‘THE SENSUAL WORLD’ 30 Years Ago…

16 October 2019

30 years ago today, on 16 October 1989, legendary singer/songwriter and innovative performer KATE BUSH released her sixth, triumphant album ‘THE SENSUAL WORLD‘.
The ever eccentric and noise-exploring Bush sings about falling in love with a computer, dressing up as a firework, and dancing with a dictator and the intriguing music translated
her wayward views bizarrely fitting, yet accessible. Never a dull moment with Kate Bush!

AllMusic wrote: “An enchanting songstress, Kate Bush reflects the most heavenly views of love on the aptly titled The Sensual World. The follow-up to Hounds of Love features Bush unafraid to be a temptress, vocally and lyrically. She’s a romantic, frolicking over lust and love, but also a lover of life and its spirituality… She possesses maternal warmth that’s surely inviting, and it’s something that’s made her one of the most prolific female singer/songwriters to emerge during the 1980s. She’s never belonged to a core scene. Bush’s intelligence, both as an artist and as a woman, undoubtedly casts her in a league of her own.” Full review here. Score: 4.5/5

The singles/clips…




Album in full…

KATE BUSH: Facebook

40 Years Ago KATE BUSH Scored A Number One Hit In The UK With Debut Single ‘WUTHERING HEIGHTS’…

Timeless in sound and vision…


11 March 2018

Iconic singer/songwriter and fascinating performer KATE BUSH hit the top spot with
debut single WUTHERING HEIGHTS on the UK singles chart on 11 March 1978 – 40 years ago today – and stayed there for four weeks. Bush was inspired by the novel of the same name and wrote, at the age of 18, the idiosyncratic and spectacular song after watching the last ten minutes of a BBC mini-series based on Wuthering Heights. Legend goes that when Bush discovered that she shared the same birthday with writer Emily Brontë (30 July) she decided to write a song about the book within the space of just a few hours. Here’s that prodigious pearl, here’s that breathtaking voice, here’s that classic…

KATE BUSH: Website – Facebook – You Tube


KATE BUSH Released Her Phenomenal Debut Album ‘THE KICK INSIDE’ Forty Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

15 February 2018


Album: THE KICK INSIDE – debut LP

Released: 17 February 1978 – 40 years ago

BBC Music wrote (in 2008) : “The tale’s been oft-told, but bears repeating: Discovered by a mutual friend of the Bush family as well as Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, Bush was signed on Gilmour’s advice to EMI at 16. Given a large advance and three years, ‘The Kick Inside’ was
her extraordinary debut. To this day nothing sounds like it. Using mainly session musicians,
‘The Kick Inside’ was the result of a record company actually allowing a young talent to blossom. Some of these songs were written when she was 13! Helmed by Gilmour’s friend, Andrew Powell, it’s a lush blend of piano grandiosity, vaguely uncomfortable reggae and intricate, intelligent, wonderful songs. All delivered in a voice that had no precedents. Even so, EMI wanted the dullest, most conventional track, James And The Cold Gun as the lead single, but Kate was no push over. At 19 she knew that the startling whoops and Bronte-influenced narrative of Wuthering Heights would be her make or break moment. Luckily she was allowed her head.

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: “I still remember being completely struck dumb when I
first heard this album (some years after its release, actually). That otherworldly voice. Those peculiar song structures. Those daring, mature and outspoken stories. It took
some time to fully understand the genius of this young, experimental pop phenomenon. Special then, still special now. Oh yeah, after a couple of spins yesterday and today this magnum opus sounds as spectacular and compelling as back then. Well, this is what outstanding artists are all about…

Three highlights: Wuthering Heights / Strange Phenomena / The Man With The Child In Eyes

* WUTHERING HEIGHTSunavoidable and imperishable…

* STRANGE PHENOMENAangelic and mysterious…

* THE MAN WITH THE CHILD IN HIS EYESa beauty of a different kind

The kick in full…

KATE BUSH: Website – Facebook – Discography

Gracious beauty in sound and vision

(photo: AP)

Anniversary Albums – KATE BUSH Released Fascinating LP ‘THE DREAMING’ 35 Years Ago Today…

Going back in sonic history…


Album: THE DREAMING – her fourth LP and first as her own producer

Released: 13 September 1982 – 35 years ago today

All Music wrote: “The Dreaming is a theatrical and abstract piece of work, as well as
Bush’s first effort in the production seat. She throws herself in head first, incorporating
various vocal loops, sometimes campy, but always romantic and inquisitive of emotion.
She’s angry and pensive throughout the entire album, typically poetic while pushing around
the notions of a male-dominated world. One of Kate Bush’s underrated achievements in depicting her own visions of love, relationships and role play, not to mention a brilliant predecessor to the charming beauty of 1985’s Hounds of Love….”

Turn Up The Volume! says: Adventurous and fascinating
art pop opera with countless layers…

Three Top Tracks: The Dreaming / Sat In Your Lap / Sat In Your Lap / Get Out Of My House

* THE DREAMINGmysteriously appealing

* SAT IN YOUR LAPspectacular in sound and vision

* GET OUT OF MY HOUSEsoundtrack for an exorcism

Full album

KATE BUSH: Website – Facebook – Discography

Wonderful Kate… (AP Photo, London)