KATE BUSH – Her 4th Album ‘THE DREAMING’ Is 40

Back in time

15 September 2022

Born Catherine Bush in Kent, UK 64 years ago
Active: Since 1975 / 10 studio LPs

Anniversary LP: THE DREAMING
Released: 13 September 1982 – 40 years ago

AllMusic: “Four albums into her burgeoning career, Kate Bush’s The Dreaming is a theatrical and abstract piece of work, as well as Bush’s first effort in the production seat. She throws herself in head first, incorporating various vocal loops, sometimes campy, but always romantic and inquisitive of emotion. She’s angry and pensive throughout the entire album, typically poetic while pushing around the notions of a male-dominated world. The Dreaming is one of Kate Bush’s underrated achievements in depicting her own visions of love, relationships, and role play, not to mention a brilliant predecessor to the charming beauty of 1985’s Hounds of Love.”

Singles/clips: Sat In Your lap / The Dreaming / There Goes A Tenner




Stream the full album here.

KATE BUSH: Bio – Discography

New MOJO Issue With KATE BUSH In The Picture

7 September 2022

Content: Collaborators, admirers and MOJO’s top writers tell the incredible story of Hounds Of Love, the classic 1985 album by prodigy Kate Bush >. Her greatest record,
and its resurrection.

Elsewhere, The Byrds talk us through their classic era. Joni Mitchell returns
from the wilderness. The Libertines tell us what they can remember about
making Up The Bracket. The literally fabulous life and work of Jackie Leven.
The groundbreaking insanity of Neu! and much more.

This month’s CD is a collection of music that inspired and sustained Kate Bush,
including Roy Harper, Anne Briggs, Eberhard Weber and Billie Holiday, plus
exquisite Kate Bush covers by Tracey Thorn and Nite Jewel.

You can purchase a copy of this Mojo 347 and
let it send to your home address. Info here.

KATE BUSH Is The Star Of A New Ultimate Music Guide Issue By Uncut Magazine


Following the recent No 1 hit success in the UK of KATE BUSH ‘s signature song
Running Up That Hill, 44 years after it was released for the first time, thanks to the many fans of Netflix’s science-fiction horror drama series Stranger Things (season 4) who were hugely impressed by the song when it was featured a few episodes ago, Uncut re-printed and re-issued their 2017 New Ultimate Music Guide Issue of Kate Bush

Kate Bush made a statement thanking fans for their support, and for enjoying her music.

“Told through in-depth writing about Kate’s albums (also her singles and videos), and in classic interviews from the archives of NMEMelody Maker and Uncut, it’s the whole story of this remarkable artist’s work – even though it might not yet be the complete one. As recent events have shown us, you can never quite tell when the next something good is going to happen.”

Purchase a copy HERE and let it be sent to your home.

You have to run up again, Kate…

KATE BUSH: Instagram

Magazine This! KATE BUSH Not Cut

22 February 2022

Kate Bush is on the cover of Uncut, on sale now. The issue
also comes with a 15-track CD of new folk visionaries. There’s
also Nick Drake, Ronnie Spector, Fontaines D.C., Television, Shane
MacGowan, Radiohead
and plenty more.

Have a copy sent to your home. Info here.

Christmas Message From KATE BUSH

25 December 2021

With nearly two years of Covid, are any of us the same people
we were before? It’s left everyone confused and uncertain of the future.

It’s been a terrible time of loss for so many. I want to say a big thank you to all the people on the front line and in the NHS. I have such huge respect for all the nurses and doctors who’ve already been working flat out for nearly two years. These caring people are showing such extraordinary acts of kindness to others. Let’s hope they get the pay rises they rightly deserve.

I’d like to mention something that happened a few weeks ago on a walk; stopping to look
at the view, I noticed something moving in a tree right beside me. It was a Goldcrest – the smallest bird in Europe, even smaller than a wren. I stood still, hoping not to frighten it away.

Its colouring is beautiful – a peacock’s eye on each wing and a striking yellow streak on its tiny head. This gorgeous little ball of fluff flew away after ten minutes or so. I’ve only ever seen one once before and very briefly. It made my day. In these strange times, I really hope you can get the chance to stop for a moment and feel nature around you.

Please stay safe. Wishing you a restful Christmas
and hoping 2022 is a happier year for everyone.

With love”

KATE BUSH: Website

(image on top: cover of ‘The Other Sides’ compilation