Live Strong Forever – Two Smiths Reunite On Anthemic BLITZ VEGA Chant

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22 November 2022

BLITZ VEGA is the band of Andy Rourke, the former bassist of Manchester‘s
indie icons The Smiths and Happy Mondays’ guitarist Kav Blaggers.

They started their project on Xmas day in 2017
and let the world know it in 2019 with 3 singles.

The tandem is back now with a new piece named STRONG FOREVER
featuring guitar hero Johnny Marr reuniting with his old bandmate
since the split of The Smiths in 1987.

Kav:  “What began life as a theme for a campaign against discrimination in football
evolved into a broader message appropriate to the challenging times we live in. We all
seem to be fighting to survive, but it’s not too late. There are lots of good people on this
planet who want to do something positive, big or small, it’s just hard to notice them
sometimes with all the noise. But now’s the time to make some kind of difference if
you can.”

Rourke: “I wanted exactly what Johnny does. He has a very distinctive sound, and
that’s what he did. We love what he brought to the track. Marr and I remained friends,
we’ve known each other since we were 13 years old. He’s my oldest and dearest friend
and I feel our friendship gets stronger as time passes.”

TUTV: Strong Forever has that glorious and optimistic perspective of Oasis‘ 1993
classic Live Forever. Amidst all the shit going on the past few years (pandemic, war, economic crisis, the resurrection of racism, sexism, intolerance with the help of far-right leaders) this sickly cathcy chant reflects some welcome light at the end of a troubled tunnel. They’re is only one way to get through these worrying times and that’s with spiritual and unbiased unity. Blitz Vega knows, we all know. We need to act now.

All together

We have the love
We got the power
We’re in it together
Strong forever

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