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23 November 2023

American singer-songwriter Will Oldham released last summer
a new Bonnie “Prince” Billy titled Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You.

He recorded the LP in his Louisville home studio with local musicians.

Now he shared a new song with the same title as that album,
but wasn’t on it, with another group of friends.

A characteristic nostalgic BPB musing featuring a not-credited female singer.



BONNIE “PRINCE” BILLY Creates A Tranquilizing State Of Mind With New Splendid Album ‘KEEPING SECRETS WILL KILL YOU’

13 August 2023

Prolific American folk troubadour WILL OLDHAM, better
known by his artist name BONNIE “PRINCE” BILLY released
his umpteenth album, baptized KEEPIG SECRETS WILL DESTROY YOU

AllMusic: “The open-air sound and restrained instrumentation — there are no drums, and some songs barely rise above the level of a whisper, add to the soft, contemplative air that breathes throughout. On every track, Oldham’s voice and ever-unique songwriting style are in the spotlight. Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You is slow moving, intentional, and mysterious, with Oldham’s long-practiced balance of menace and thoughtfulness at its peak. Like the best of Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s work that came before it, Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You is the kind of record that gets played over and over until it feels like a part of the listener’s personal history.” Score: 4.5/5.

Single ‘Bananas’

TUTV: BPB is an expert when it comes to writing/recording/releasing intimate
music that slows down busy states of minds and gets you in a tranquillizing mood,
away from our rat-race reality. His cosy, crooning voice is, as usual, the star in the middle, co-caused by the minimal, acoustic guitar/violin, sound approach. Most of BPB’s songs here have a bittersweet melodic and catching resonance and feature touching female vocals here and there. Soul-stirring record.



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(Photo BPB: from cover of his ‘Songs of Love and Horror‘ album)