KERCHIEF Shares Clip For Opener Of Their Sophomore LP – Here’s ‘EVIL PARTS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

2 February 2019

KERCHIEF started back in 2014 as the solo project of singer-songwriter Brittany Hill‘s
after her previous band Vanity Theft split. In 2015 she released her debut LP Machines And Animals . Kerchief became a trio when brothers Tommy and Trevor Nicholson joined Hill. They’re totally ready now to unleash new album FLUKE on 1st March.

Last summer the band already made a sturdy impact on Turn Up The Volume‘s speakers when vehement lead single Erase Me came out. Now here’s another imposing track. It’s actually the opener of the forthcoming full length. EVIL PARTS has a poppier flow, from the introspective verses to the multi-voiced, vibrant and instantly engrossing chorus. Masterly power pop noir. Watch/listen right here…

KERCHIEF: Website – Facebook – Instagram

TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Knockout Team – AUGUST 2018 – Eleven Killer Tracks…

Eleven killer tracks on repeat this past month…

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Eleven killer tracks played on repeat in August!
A heated mix of flaming rippers and glowing grooves
energizing all of my senses and limbs this past month!
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout August Team!

1. ‘Bells & Circles’ by UNDERWORLD Feat. IGGY POP
British veteran techno junks return with a smoking groove AND with legendary maestro punk Iggy Pop babbling a lot of nonsense all over it. But it bloody swings! Full EP right here.


2. ‘Paradox’ by SEXTILE (Los Angeles, CA, US)
An inflammatory firecracker thundering like electronica pioneers Suicide on speed. Mind-stimulating, body-energizing and soul-stirring. From their upcoming EP ‘3‘ – out 14 Sept.

SEXTILE: Facebook

3. ‘Disaster’ (Is What We’re After) by DEATH VALLEY GIRLS (Los Angeles, CA, US)
A glorious glam slam thundering madly from the banging start to the wildly sax-noise injected finale with Bonnie Bloomgarden‘ voodoo vox adding fuel to the fanatic fire. Ace!

NEW ALBUM: Darkness Rains

4. ‘User Guide’ by IT IT ANITA (Luik, Belgium)
Demonic and loudmouthed molotov cocktail that feels like exploding any second. Nasty, riotous and tons of fierce guitars. Blustery eruption from new LP ‘Laurent‘. Check it here.

5. ‘Air Supply’ by ahem (Minneapolis, MN, US)
From the smashing start your adrenalin will pump faster, your body will make mysterious moves and your voice will scream along. From the band’s new EP Chutes And Ladders.

6. ‘I Want You Around’ by Oh800 (London, UK)
This corker resonates like a pungent fusion of LCD Soundsystem‘s repetitive beats and The Rapture‘s scintillating dance rhythms with vitriolic guitars adding a vicious edge. Top cut!

Oh800: Facebook

7. ‘Erase Me’ by KERCHIEF (Tennessee, US)
A robust hammer, a sinewy steamroller with a high dose of heartfelt power. The ardent combination of Hill‘s begging vox and the repetitive riffage is spot-on! Emo-wall-of-sound!

KERCHIEF: Facebook

8. ‘I Love Today’ by MODERATE REBELS (London, UK)
This mantra-like sing-along groove activates your bloodstream, makes your feet tap and your head shake. Body/mind trance experience. New LP Shared Values out 30 November.


9/ ‘Hey!’ by SUMMER MAGIC (South City St. Louis, US)
Summer Magic aka Kevin Bachmann sounds like a 90s psychedelic Britpop version of The Beach Boys on his new single. Addictive jingle jangle riffs and luminous harmonies. Bingo!


10. ‘High Above‘ by SEASIDE HEIGTHS (Gothenburg, Sweden)
A wondrous synths injected composition with echoes from The National and Editors. Both magnetic and mysterious. From their excellent, new EP Made up Minds and Bad News.


11. ‘The Somnambulist’ by ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN (Liverpool, UK)
Anthemic, bewitching and irresistibly infectious with a king-sized chorus. Best Bunnymen score in years. From the band’s upcoming album The Stars, The Oceans & The Moon.


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See/hear you next month, music junkies

KERCHIEF Returns With New Sensitive Slam ‘ERASE ME’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

6 August 2018

Band: KERCHIEF (Tennessee, US)

Who: it all started in 2014 as the solo project of singer-songwriter Brittany Hill‘s after her previous band Vanity Theft split. She released debut EP ‘Demonstrations that same year, followed in 2015 by first album ‘Machines and Animals‘. This Fall Hill, joined by brothers Tommy and Trevor Nicholson, will release her sophomore LP.

Track: ERASE ME – new single from upcoming second album

Score:Erase me‘ is a robust thundering hammer. A sinewy steamroller injected with
a high dose of full-hearted vehemence. The turbulent combination of Hill‘s begging vox
and the ongoing towering riffage creates a tremendously impressive emo-wall-of-sound. Fiery stuff! Feel the whipped-up potency right here…

KERCHIEF: Website – Facebook – Instagram