Wake Up The Death At Christmas With 2-Motor Bulldozer AS PARADISE FALLS And Their Axe ‘KFBR 392’

Works faster and harder than caffeine

14 December 2022

Who: Fierce deathcore duo – Ravi Sherwell (vocals) and
Danny Kenneally (guitar) – from Brisbane, Australia.

Single/clip: KFBR 392
A piece from their new hellish 5-track EP Madness / Medicine

Danny Kenneally (guitarist) “This song was an experiment into a new direction which
we wanted to explore. It is being talked about as breaching the forefront of a new genre
called Nu-Deathcore and we’re all about that.

About the video: “We had zero plans when it came to this video, just to produce a whole bunch of chaos with our characters, performances and the edit. The video was shot by myself and my business partner Josh Francis. I wanted to try to capture the intensity of our live act as well as the chaotic thinking process we generally go through when planning thing.”

TUTV: This 2-motor bulldozer pulverizes the legal amount of decibels with werewolf growling and a concrete wall-of-satanic-noise. No rest for the wicked, no rest for the
living, no rest for the dead. If paradise falls at Xmas it’s gonna be with a colossal big
fucking bang. No rest for Santa Claus. Hallelujah!

Wake up the death here…

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