Too Good To Forget – Solo Debut Album ‘NO HOME RECORD’ By KIM GORDON

17 June 2020

Artist: Kim Gordon
Album : No Home Record
Released: 11 October 2019

Pitchfork wrote: “After 38 years of making music, Kim Gordon’s thrilling solo debut lives
at the vanguard of sound and performance, shot through with the beautiful, unsparing noise that has always defined her art… No Home Record—which, incredibly, is Gordon’s first solo album in 38 years of making music—offers evidence of her reinvention: Even longtime fans
may find themselves thunderstruck by some of the turns she takes here. But the record also confirms the essence of her creative identity; it’s shot through with sounds and concepts that have defined her work over the years, just presented in a way we’ve never heard them before.”

Keywords: Mind-puzzling, left-field, innovatory, voltaic, erratic, cutting,
wayward, droning and Turn Up The Volume’s album of 2019
Key singles: Sketch Artist / Air BnB

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– AIR BnB –

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Which Records Did KIM GORDON Have In Her Bag After Shopping in L.A.?

The wonderful KIM GORDON went shopping recently at Amoeba Music in Los Angeles. She’ll tell and show you what she had in her bag afterward, right here…

By the way, I understand she didn’t buy her own debut solo LP, but I want to remind you here and now that ‘NO HOME RECORD’ was Turn Up The Volume‘s best album of 2019.

Stream it and get
gloriously confused…

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TURN UP THE VOLUME’s 15 Knockout Tracks Of 2019…

The following 15 Knockout Tracks activated my limbs, impressed
my greedy ears and made me move in mysterious ways in 2019.

1. ‘Better’ by RICH GIRLS ((New York, NY, US)
A punchy and mesmeric shot of electrifying guitar pop adrenalin…

2. ‘Feet’ by FAT WHITE FAMILY (London, UK)
A chant-like odyssey with a ghostly and hypnotic vibe and – yes – a Gregorian choir…

3. ‘Air BnB’ by KIM GORDON (US)
A battering jackhammer with a vehement drift and a gloomy impact…

4. ‘Hurricane Laughter’ by FONTAINES D.C. (Dublin, Ireland)
Stormy steamroller with an irresistible punk drive by one of the best new bands in town…

5. ‘White Male Carnivore’ by YAK (London, UK)
This is a really nasty sledgehammer. A thunderous rocker with a droning force…

6. ‘Going Norway’ by GIRL BAND (Dublin, Ireland)
Bone-crushing chainsaw electricity and exorcistic howling. Demonic stuff…

7. ‘More Is Less’ by THE MURDER CAPITAL (Dublin, Ireland)
A dazzling post punk uppercut fueled with stormy guitars and angry vocals all over it…

8. ‘Cave Person’ by PEUK (Belgium)
A sickly catchy, grungy outburst with the scariest primal screams I heard in years…

9. ‘Destiny’ by PRYSM (England)
A multi-layered tumultuous stunner that grabs you by the throat from the get-go…

10. ‘Time Bomb Sounds’ by THE LOCALS (Chicago, US)
An emotional corker resonating gloriously rapturous and exultantly epic…

11. ‘Motor City Steel’ by THE DANDY WARHOLS
An utterly addictive earworm that keeps buzzing in your head after one spin…

12. ‘Disco Peanuts’ by WARMDUSCHER (London, UK)
Funky disco fuel for all misfits, outsiders, and desperadoes out there…

13. ‘Ar.Mour’ by UNKLE Feat. Miink & Elliot Power (UK)
Trip-hop at its trippy best. Tantalizing beats, dancey vibrations, and an addictive rhythm…

14. ‘Ego’ by FERAL FIVE (London/Kent, UK)
A vibrating and flamboyant European disco cracker to dance yourself dizzy to…

15. ‘The Desert’ by WHERE WE SLEEP (London, UK)
Intoxicating swagger, sensuous vocals, hellish guitars, cutting atmosphere…

All 15 Knockout Tracks
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Here’s KIM GORDON With Enigmatic Love Song ‘EARTHQUAKE’…

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

15 December 2019

Former Sonic Youth icon KIM GORDON made one of the best and most intriguing
albums of the year with her debut solo LP No Home Record. One of the top tracks
is love ballad ‘EARTHQUAKE‘ which Gordon dedicates to a mysterious lover. She
sounds enigmatic, obsessed and utterly cool. Definitely not your average love song.

This song is for you
If I could cry and shake for you
I’d lay awake for you

Here’s the voyeuristic video clip…

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TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Eleven Knockout Tracks For OCTOBER 2019…

This past month’s best…

Quote - kopie (2)

Eleven Knockout Tracks on repeat this past month!
A fervid fusion of clashing crackers and boisterous bangers!
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout October Team

1. ‘Hungry Baby’ by KIM GORDON (New York, NY, US)
Formidable blast with a mind-boggling impact. From new solo LP ‘No Home Record’.

2. ‘Couch Combover’ by GIRL BAND (Ireland)
Cutting chainsaw turbulence that’ll do your head in. From new album ‘The Talkies’.

3. ‘Trash Talk’ by LAZYBONES (Brighton, UK)
Unstoppable blustery ferocity that will pump up your bloodstream’s flow. Bloody hell yeah!

4. ‘Think Less’ by THANK (Leeds, UK)
A volcanic blowup build around an incessant, head-spinning, percussive bass riff. Nasty!

5. ‘Modern Romance’ by ANIMAL HOUSE (Brighton, UK)
A sickly sticky snorter that rushes and thunders like a high-speed train on the run…

6. ‘Spin’ by SILENT FORUM (Wales)
Crepitating post punk guitar stunner. Think PIL’s Keith Levene & Gang Of Four! Stunning!

7. ‘Spirit’ by RICHES (Canada)
Trippy and spaced-out rhythms and an electronic vitality creating a trance-like energy!

8. ‘Time Bomb Sounds’ by THE LOCALS (Chicago, US)
A mixed emotions corker resonating gloriously rapturous and exultantly epic. Top stroke!

9. ‘Moonlight’ by KILL CHICAGO (Canada)
Smoking groove, glowing guitars, storytelling vocals and a 88 students choir! Hallelujah!

10. ‘Disco Peanuts’ by WARMDUSCHER (London, UK)
Funky stomper for all misfits out there who want to freak out on a basement dance floor…

11. ‘Two Sense’ by THYLA (Brighton, UK)
Terrifically powerful crackerjack with a towering impact on your aural radar! Damn right!

All knockouts together on Spotify…

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See/hear you next month, music junkies…


Just released…

11 October 2019

Artist: Kim Gordon
Album : No Home Record
Released: 11 October 2019
Sound: Mind-puzzling, left-field, innovatory, voltaic,
erratic, cutting, wayward and overall ACE
Independent verdict: 4/5 – review here

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– AIR BnB –


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