THE CURE’s General ROBERT SMITH Is Not A Monarchy Fan Whatsoever

7 May 2023

Yesterday ROBERT SMITH expressed his anti-monarchy
thoughts (once more) on the occasion of the coronation
of Charles III‘ coronation via his socials.

“The huge cost of this ceremony could buy each British child a pony,
yet distracting profligacy must calm the masses, lest we [unleash] the
fury of the poor,” it continues. “Let them eat Coronation Quiche.”

He also shared a cartoon by an artist known as First Dog On The Moon.
The cartoon shows ‘royal things’ preparing for the Coronation. It also includes
a parody pledge that features the line: ​​“All hail the nature arbitrary, of privilege
that’s hereditary.”

Click HERE for the cartoon.

Already in 2012, in an interview, Smith fulminated about the Royal Family.

“I fucking hate Royalty. Any kind of hereditary privilege is just wrong. It’s not just anti-democracy, it’s just inherently wrong. What upsets me is that some people who I’ve actually admired down the years get offered a reward by the Royal Family, by the hereditary monarchy, and they take it. They become Lord or Sir.

“I would honestly cut off my own hands before I [accepted an honour]. Because how dare they presume that they could give me an honour. I’m much better than them. They’ve never done anything, they’re fucking idiots. I should be King.”

Even on Fridays Smith is not in love with Buckingham Palace.