Stand Your Ground Cry Out With New Single ‘KING OF MACHINES’ By TIGER MIMIC

New sonic impulses

3 November 2020

Band: TIGER MIMIC (New York/London)

References: Shades of The White Stripes, Queens Of The Stone Age,
and a darker side of The Strokes.

Pick: KING OF MACHINES – brand new single.
“A politically charged dose of catharsis caused by the scary US elections,
the pandemic dragging ever onward, artists being told to retrain for ‘better’
jobs, and streets worldwide boiling over with unrest, divisiveness, and outrage.”

Score: Tiger Mimic rants about the dangerous state of chaos we live in with a crystal clear, outspoken jackhammer fueled by sinewy guitar hooks, a battering beat, sharp-cutting male/female vocals, and a caustic chorus. Midway the tempo drops and the intensity goes up before starting the pugnacious ‘I’ll Stand My Ground’ finale. Time to act! Time to survive!

Right here, right now…

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(band photo received via Tiger Mimic)