Powered-Up Pop Passion – Brotherly L.A. Duo RAISED ON TV Shines On New Single ‘LAKE SONG’

New sonic impulses

6 March 2021

Who: Two brothers in arms from San Fernando Valley in
Los Angeles. Formed in 2016 as a three-piece turning into
a brotherly duo later.

Pick: LAKE SONG – the lead single from new
album ‘Fernando’ (all eleven songs, will come
out, one at a time, as singles).

Score: A pure 24-Carat pop song with a timeless resonance boosting your
adrenalin’s stream when the powered-up chorus kicks in. Imagine riding in
a convertible in the middle of the town, hair in the wind and the car radio
playing out loud. People will be electrified, not realizing what is happening.
Get the picture? Right! Now, jump in your four-wheeler and rock the city.

This knockout is your fuel.

Fly tonight
You are a sight
I don’t want to forget
It’s worth the fight
to have a night
I wont’ ever forget

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