Trash And Crash Turmoil With LAMBRINI GIRLS And Their New Cry Out Corker ‘HELP ME I’M GAY’

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14 November 2022

Who: Three outspoken punk feminists
from Brighton.

New single: HELP ME I’M GAY

When the trio played this cry-out corker for the first time life,
vocalist Phoebe Lunny came out being gay to her mum on stage.
Damn cool.

TUTV: The sassy spirit of Riot grrls, the primal screams of X-Ray Spex‘s late
genial vox Poly Sterene , the unbridled DIY mentality of The Slits. It’s all here
to celebrate all gays and inspire those who still hide their real sexuality and
to annoy all gay-phobic idiots out there. This coming-out punk manifesto is
a loud and clear clamorous uppercut. 2.22 minutes of trash and crash turmoil.
Holy fucking smoke!

Raise your middle finger and yell along.

Help me I’m gay
Yet every guy I know just assumes that I’m straight
Pray for my soul
Because everything about me is apparently a spectacle

Help me I’m gay

You can buy the track
here via Bandcamp

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