A ‘LAZY DAY’ For JOHN CALE In These Bizarre Times

New sonic impulses

7 October 2020

Masterly singer/songwriter JOHN CALE planned to release a new
album this year. But that nasty coronavirus blocked his intention.

“I was so ready to finally get my new album out. And then damn 2020
happened! As a songwriter, my truth is all tied-up in and through those
songs that must wait a while longer
” said Cale in a statement.

He just shared a new song anyway.

“It occurred to me that I do have something for the moment, a song I’d recently
completed. With the world careening out of its orbit I wanted to stop the lurch
and enjoy a period where we can take our time and breathe our way back into
a calmer world.”

LAZY DAY is a special song. A slow-moving meditation with Cale‘s
hazy voice floating in the air. Pretty weird but it seems like this is
the ex-Velvet Underground legend’s sonic rendering of a perfect day.

Here we go…

JOHN CALE: Facebook

Lazy boy…