Amplified British Trio SOOT SPRITE Have Mixed Emotions On New Single ‘LAZY’

New striking strokes

30 August 2022

Who: Shoegazey bedroom
rock three-piece from Exeter, UK

New single: LAZY

TUTV: This amplified dream-pop reflection goes forth and back at
a nervous pace. Guitar layers cause buoyant waves, the rhythm section
takes care of a steady-ongoing cadence, both zippy and edgy vocals fit
the mixed emotions expressed here seamlessly, and a sultry sax pops
up now and then. Final result: a high-strung alert for high-strung times.

Maybe I’m lazy
Or maybe it’s
Three recessions in thirty years
A handheld newscycle full of fear
Maybe I’m just diluted by trauma
From living in an endless apocalyptic drama

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Singer/Songwriter HAWKSLEY WORKMAN Impresses With His Vocal Intensity On New Single ‘LAZY’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

17 January 2019


Who: “Singer and songwriter. Broadcaster. Performer, producer, poet, and playwright. Multi-instrumentalist and Mountie. Hawksley Workman is all of these things and others still – an ambitious, ever-busy global ambassador of Canadian culture and creativity.”

Track: LAZY – New track from upcoming album ‘Median Age Wasteland‘ out 1 March – the song “is an exploration of love and memories. Childlike images of winter and school portables give way to a lover’s proclamation of staying awake and staying the course. The profound decision of love meets the feeling of love.”

Score: This Canadian singer/songwriter’s vocal intensity and vocal range are just amazing. It raises this electrifying love song to an exceptional height that will overwhelm your ears. And when, after about three minutes, a feverish guitar solo kicks in the grandeur of this performance gets an extra dizzying injection. This is solid gold musical craftsmanship. This is a stunning example of what a supreme songsmith is all about. Capture the impressive splendor right here…

HAWKSLEY WORKMAN: Facebook – Instagram – iTunes