VIVE LA FÊTE Honors French Chansonnier CHRISTOPHE Who Passed Away Last Week

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23 April 2020

Thanks to my musical mother I learned a lot about French singers who were genuine
stars and started their careers back in the sixties, like Johnny Halliday, Michel Polnareff, Jacques Dutronc and of course CHRISTOPHE who scored a series of top hits with ‘Les Marionettes‘ and ‘Aline‘ as his most famous ones.

A couple of months ago Belgian’s internationally recognized dance duo VIVE LA FÊTE worked together with the beloved French chansonnier to create a new version of LES MARIONETTES. Unfortunately, their dear, Italy born, friend passed away last week on
17 April at the age of 74. To honor Christophe with whom they had a strong bond the
band decided to release the tremendously fitting video clip they made for that classic humdinger. It’s a vintage Vive La Fête knockout and a whirling homage to a great artist.

Listen/watch here…

The original version…

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